Mary was seen weeping following a tragic heartache, according to Emmerdale spoilers.

Paddy finds what Mary has been keeping hidden (ITV)

In Emmerdale, Mary (Louise Jameson) is a woman of dignity and integrity, but Faye’s (Jane Gurnett) callous trick of sharing her private photo with the entire community has deprived her of both.

Faye’s reign of terror is gone, but even though she has been forced to confront her misdeeds, she still maintains a hold over poor devastated Mary. Mary isn’t the same now. She is terrified, worried, and want to remain concealed behind closed doors.

That’s not an option with a daughter like Rhona (Zoe Henry). Mary had eagerly told her family she was back on the dating market and putting two fingers up to con artist Faye, feeling the need to appear like everything was normal and having a granddaughter to be a role model for.

But this has just heightened the former journalist’s concern – it was all a deception, and it is now a masquerade she must maintain.

In reality, she is paralysed by the prospect of ever being vulnerable again. She keeps telling the lie, but when it gets too much for her, she falls into pieces.

Mary recently ran across Faye again. (Image courtesy of ITV)

‘It has absolutely shattered her confidence,’ said actress Louise Jameson to Being vulnerable has enormous strength, strength because it is a risk. Mary made a gamble that did not pay off.’

Paddy (Dominic Brunt) discovers her weeping in a field and provides her a shoulder to cry on. This causes him to be late for his meeting with Marlon, straining their already frail connection.

Rhona discovers Mary’s terrible deception and, having had enough of supporting everyone around her, snaps and compels Mary to confront her fear. Will it, however, have the desired effect?

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