Spoilers for EastEnders: Unexpected brawl as Patrick fights Yolande’s ex

It won’t be uncomfortable at all…(Image: BBC)

Yolande (Angela Wynter) confided to her old lover Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) a few weeks earlier that her boyfriend, Anton, had booted her out and that she now needed a place to stay.

With a little encouragement from Denise (Diane Parish) and Kim (Tameka Empson), Patrick overcame his initial reluctance to act and spoke to Yolande about their history and whether or not they had a future together.

Patrick and Yolande decided to get back together after dancing at the laundrette (it’s just as famous as the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, trust us), and in subsequent episodes, they are head over heels in love.

But when Yolande refuses to answer the phone, it becomes clear that she is concealing something.

Anton then shows up in Walford and has a fight with Patrick, so it looks that she is avoiding his calls.

Yolande and Patrick made the decision to reconcile (Image: BBC).

As the situation calms down, Anton insists that Yolande is going with him and gives her till tomorrow to make things right.

As Anton begs her to go back to Birmingham later in the week and even goes so far as to give her an ultimatum, it appears that Yolande isn’t ready to return to Anton.
What is it then?

And what actually transpired between Yolande and Anton to drive her back to Albert Square?

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