Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Victor builds Charles’ wrath on purpose in a diabolical scheme

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Victor builds Charles’ wrath on purpose in a diabolical scheme

Victor’s strategy (Image from ITV)

Victor (Eddie Osei) is demonstrating that he is a nasty piece of work as his nefarious scheme in Emmerdale picks up speed.

Victor has been squeezing his way into the Anderson family by using Claudette (Flo Wilson) as a pawn. Given his murky background, Charles (Kevin Mathurin) has serious qualms about his father sticking around, but in an effort to preserve the peace, he has let Victor to stay.

But it appears that Victor has a sinister agenda, and Charles could become unintended collateral damage.

The family prepares for the arrival of Victor’s probation officer by getting Victor’s belongings ready. Being the honest and open vicar that he is, Charles finds it difficult to pretend that his father is well-adjusted and settled since problems with his father still exist. This makes it difficult for Charles to prepare.

Victor begins acting up as soon as the probation officer shows around. The naive cop listens intently to every word as Charles’ blood boils. When he is made to see Claudette gushing over Victor after his Oscar-winning performance, he loses it.

Victor is still seen by Claudette as a different man. (Image from ITV)

Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), who is always the voice of reason, attempts to cool things down by pleading with Charles to give his father a break, but Victor finds this to be too amusing. He spends more time with Claudette after observing the effects it is having on his kid. He is purposefully pushing Charles’ buttons.

When Claudette has the gall to ask Charles to move aside so that she may prepare Victor a romantic lunch, Charles is left even more incensed.

Charles is about to surpass his limitations since even a vicar has them. But what does Victor intend for his son in the long run?

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