Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Chelsee Healey, who is expecting, reveals the baby’s gender in a flashy way.

Chelsee Healey, who is expecting, reveals the baby’s gender in a flashy way.

The actress greeted her Hollyoaks co-stars when they arrived at the event (Image: Backgrid).

Chelsee Healey, a star of Hollyoaks and the former Waterloo Road, recently revealed she was expecting her second child, a sibling or brother for her daughter Coco, who was born in 2017.

At a party attended by several of her Hollyoaks co-stars, the actress who plays Goldie McQueen in the Channel 4 serial announced the gender of baby number two, and she did it in a very spectacular manner.

Chelsee hired an aircraft to fly above her house as pink smoke emanated from it in various colours. It’s a female! Additionally, partygoers were simultaneously pelted with pink confetti in case anyone missed the fly-past.

Chelsee and Coco were joined by visitors including Jennifer Metcalfe (Mercedes McQueen), Ross Adams (Scott Drinkwell), Richard Blackwood (Felix Westwood), and Nadine Mulkerrin (Cleo McQueen) to celebrate the news, and photos show them looking happy as they watch the jet fly by.

Chelsee posted a photo of herself and Coco, who is grinning broadly and has her hand on her mother’s baby tummy, on Instagram last month to announce her second pregnancy.

What a fantastic occasion! (Backgrid image)

She commented, “I’m not sure if the world or I are ready for another Coco.” But WE are far better prepared. Coco has wished for a baby brother or sister ever since she first learned to speak.

As a mother of two, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to grant her request and I am eagerly awaiting the birth of a second child to love utterly. We are so excited to meet you, My Baby Love.

Following her divorce from Jack Malloy, the father of her daughter, Chelsee reared Coco alone. She isn’t revealing who her current companion is.

The actress already has a small kid (Image credit: Chelsea Healey on Instagram).

Since 2016, the actress has sometimes portrayed Goldie McQueen, and one of her most recent plotlines was being threatened by child murderer Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox).

Her performance as Janeece Bryant in the first season of Waterloo Road made her a major fan favourite before that.
Chelsee made a cameo appearance as her character returned for Chlo’s funeral when the programme was revived at the beginning of 2023.

In sequences that were extremely sad but also peppered with Janeece’s usual comedy and distinctive flair, she stood by her buddy Donte.

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