Jonny Labey, an EastEnders star, impresses fans with his release of a captivating new song.

When Ben Mitchell (played at the time by Harry Reid) and Paul Coker (Jonny Labey’s character) fell in love, Jonny Labey captured the hearts of EastEnders viewers.

When Paul, the grandson of Les and Pam Coker (Roger Sloman and Lin Blakley), was murdered in a homophobic attack at the young age of 20, the relationship tragically came to an end. Ben, his companion, was heartbroken by his death, and it still affects the way he acts now.

It didn’t take long for Jonny to admit that his skills went beyond acting after he quit the serial opera after a little more than a year. He won the UK talent competition Dance Dance Dance after wowing the judges, including Ashley Banjo, with his command of several different dance forms. He won the competition by defeating Hollyoaks and Coronation Street actor Lucy-Jo Hudson.

Jonny has skills outside of acting (Image: BBC)

He later displayed his singing prowess on The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019, although he was only able to finish tenth overall.
However, his aspirations to become a successful musician remain top of his priority list, and he recently released his new tune Keeps Me Up.

posting a video of the song’s beginning, “KEEPS ME UP with @kingkhamelion,” on Instagram. The first track in a three-year trip is now coming your way! IF YOU WANT THE WHOLE VIDEO, COMMENT. Dropping on 11/08 with a PRE-SAVE link.

Jonny confessed last year that the physical repercussions of an earlier injury had caused him to question his ability to continue singing.

Paul Coker, Ben’s lover, was stabbed to death and later died (Image: BBC).

He wrote on Instagram, “Yesterday I had my first Vocal Rehabilitation session and was informed I’ve acquired something with a fancy term “Muscle Tension Dysphomia” following an injury from a headlock while I was in Thailand by some drunk moron!”

It has been really difficult since it has cost a lot of money, jobs have been lost, and all of my ambitions to record music this year have been jeopardised. All of these things have had a serious negative impact on my mental health. Especially my love of singing and how it became an extension of who I was. I made a commitment to myself after winning X Factor to record my life’s tale.

Jonny appeared on The X Factor’s celebrity edition (ITV).

He expressed his gratitude for the success of the therapy and the opportunity to follow his ambition once more as he uploaded a video of some brand-new songs.

Taking those things away HITS, I truly didn’t realised how much I take for granted. Utilise what you have and pursue the things that you find fulfilling and that make you feel happy. NOW, PLEASE!

He said, “Here’s a bit of me, I hope you enjoy it.”

Jonny Labey is a multi-talented guy who excels in acting, dancing, and singing. But as if that weren’t enough, he’s now branching out into filmmaking as a writer and director.

Director’s have headgear and make critical phone calls, he stated on Instagram beside a photo of himself on the phone. I’m getting some nibbles. Finally, I’ve completed scripting my debut short film! With your support, I’ll take my first step as a director with the film We All Scream, which is based on a genuine event in my life.

With the help of a GoFundMe campaign, Jonny, who just made his relationship with Hollywood actress Hannah Amin official, hopes to gather money for this project. We All Scream is “a short narrative about the key things in life; connection, mental health, and ice cream!” according to the page.

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