Spoilers for EastEnders: Cindy makes a decision that alters her life, shocking Ian.

Ian isn’t pleased (Image: BBC).

Soon after the shocking revelation on EastEnders that Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) is still alive, it was made clear that she was no longer had to live as Rose Knight and could, if she so chose, go from France to England.

After her arrest more than 20 years ago, Cindy had been going by the name Rose. She gave birth to Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna (Molly Rainford) at that time while also dating George (Colin Salmon).

Gina and Anna are aware that their mother upped and left the family, and Anna’s curiosity over her departure led her to look into the matter.

In forthcoming episodes, Anna is irritated after discovering Cindy’s phone number and calls her mother to complain about her radio silence.

As the text arrives in France, Peter (Thomas Law) notices it and finally learns through Ian (Adam Woodyatt) that he has two sisters.

Peter promises to tell Cindy nothing about the finding, but he immediately boards the Eurostar and travels to Walford, eager to meet his new siblings.

Peter tries to assist Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) in his efforts to prevent the sale of the chippy as he settles back into life in Albert Square, but instead finds himself returning to the bar to spy on Anna and Gina.

Peter returns to Walford. (Image: BBC)

Ben (Max Bowden) then shows over to give Peter a piece of his mind, and Gina relates how Bobby is totally over heels for Anna.

Cindy is on the phone with Peter as the week comes to an end, and she can tell that something is off.

Cindy tells Ian she is going to Walford to pick up Peter while they are both in France, but Ian, who is aware that George and the girls are already there, persuades her not to go by promising to make Peter return home.

Will it actually work though?

Or will Cindy still travel to London in order to face her past?

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