Patsy Kensit, a star of EastEnders and Emmerdale, speaks up about her breakup with her fiancé in front of her fans.

Actress and legend Patsy Kensit, who recently played the mother of dying Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) in EastEnders in sad sequences, is keeping a brave face while she battles with the breakup of her marriage to Patric Cassidy.

After a dramatic beach proposal, Patsy and businessman Cassidy got engaged in February. Rosie Marcel, Patsy’s former Holby City co-star, was among the first to congratulate her pal when Patsy posted a series of photos on Instagram with the words “I said yes.”

A spokesman for Patsy confirmed the sad news that the couple had just broken up, saying, “I can confirm they have split, and would ask that she is granted her privacy about the situation.” At the moment, she is really busy at work.

The actress has since returned to Instagram and uploaded a photo of herself looking upbeat.

Steps for babies, she wrote. I refer to it as the break up diet.

Lizzie Cundy, a television personality, quickly added her support.

“I’m here for you, sweetheart. Let’s get a quick drink and laugh heartily. Love you,” she said, and Amanda Mealing, a former cast member of Casualty and Holby, added, “Sweetheart, call me!”

Along with her celebrity acquaintances, Patsy received good wishes from her followers. “Hello dear, everything occurs for a purpose. One of them said, “Your next door that opens will be The BEST.”

Recently, Patsy played Lola’s mother in EastEnders (Image: BBC).

Miss The Kiss, a movie starring Patsy, John Hannah, and Sadie Frost, is her most recent endeavour.

She had a significant role in the EastEnders plot line that dealt with the passing of the show’s iconic character Lola Pearce before that. She portrayed Lola’s mother Emma, who had left her when she was a little child. Only a few weeks before she passed away, Emma and Lola had a heart-wrenching reunion as Emma’s earlier deeds were gradually made clear.

Lola intended to let her mother off the hook for the past, but Emma showed that she was still unreliable. As a result, Lola expelled her from her life and spent her final moments with her husband Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown).

Patsy is well-known to Emmerdale audiences in addition to her work on EastEnders since from 2004 to 2006, she portrayed Sadie King. The busy actress played nurse Faye Morton on Holby City from 2007 to 2010, and she returned to the show in 2019 for an episode.

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