Spoilers for Emmerdale: Marlon and Paddy are done following shocking showdown

Marlon felt wounded and enraged. (Image from ITV)

Could one of Emmerdale’s most cherished friendships have reached its last breaking point? The episode from Monday, August 21, ended with Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) in a heated argument and Marlon declaring his breakup with Paddy.

The disagreement started when Paddy didn’t show up to accompany Marlon for a trip in his new accessible vehicle.

This was a big issue for Marlon since, as we all know, he had never driven a car after his stroke and was scared to do so.

His confidence was at an all-time low because his first attempt had failed. Paddy’s offer to accompany him gave him some optimism that he would be able to start to unwind while driving thanks to his friend’s comforting, considerate presence.

Paddy didn’t show up at the scheduled hour, though, and Marlon waited at The Woolpack anxiously.

Marlon’s concerns about the next driving practise gradually gave way to concerns about what may have happened to Paddy as the time passed.

Not so long ago, Paddy had a prolonged disappearance after suffering from severe depression.

Marlon was the one who discovered him and prevented him from carrying out his serious intention to end his life after his return to the hamlet as a result of his melancholy.

Marlon and Rhona (Zoe Henry) started to worry the worst when Paddy was hours late and didn’t return their calls.

Mary was backed by Paddy (ITV picture).

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Paddy had been returning to the village when he came into Mary (Louise Jameson) in a rural area.

She made an effort to avoid him, and it quickly became apparent why: she had lied to Rhona about going on a date. She had been sobbing while sitting in her car because she was unable to handle the humiliation of what Faye (Jane Gurnett) had done to her.

Paddy listened as Mary explained to him how her friendship with Faye had allowed her to feel at last like her true self.

I very much fell in love with her right away, she added. “But she was experiencing nothing, while I was feeling everything.”

Faye was the first woman Mary had dated since coming out as homosexual, but she revealed to Paddy that while her connection with Rhona’s father had not been what she had hoped for, at least he had made her feel comfortable. She had suffered the worst kind of harm by being open and vulnerable with Faye.

Marlon has had anxiety as a result of getting back behind the wheel (Image: ITV).

She confessed, “Faye’s shattered something in me,” and declared that she would be happier reading on her own.

Mary was still trying to comprehend things herself, so she made Paddy swear he wouldn’t tell anybody about their chat. Promised not to inform anyone, Paddy kept his word.

This meant that when he entered The Woolpack and was greeted by Marlon and Rhona, who were both happy that he was okay and enraged that he was late and hadn’t called them, he had no plausible explanation for where he had been.

Marlon was shocked that his buddy hadn’t anticipated how unhappy he would be, and everything Paddy said just served to exacerbate the issue.

Marlon yelled at him, “You gave me two hours of anguish.” “Not cool.” Not nice. Not a buddy at all.

Paddy started to respond, but Marlon cut him off. Don’t even bother, he advised. I have had it with you.

I’m sorry. How would they resume their original course of action if Paddy is unable to reveal to his pal where he actually was?

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