Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen pays the price, Carla makes a startling discovery, and Evelyn issues a dire warning.

As residents get closer to the truth, they make discoveries and provide warnings (ITV picture)

In the episodes airing the following week, Coronation Street locals will get a little bit closer to the truth, which is terrible news for serial murderer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

The assassinating businessman is losing his footing, especially when Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) begins looking into a strange find.

She then threatens to call the police as a result.

Carla Connor (Alison King) comes to the very sensible conclusion that she was LSD-laced when her behaviour started to spiral.

Carla is making connections between things now that it is known that Rufus experimented.

Stephen is losing pals, but Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) stubbornly sticks by his side, and the two of them become even closer.

In addition to sounding the alarms surrounding Stephen, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is also warning about a devastated neighbourhood.

Cassie (Claire Sweeney) is someone Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) really wants to believe in, but as she disappears, it becomes more and more likely that his belief in her is misguided.

on August 28th.

Paul might use some advise from Shelly (ITV).

Angelique informs Nippersnapper that she won’t be renewing the contract, but Stephen informs Carla, Saran, and Michael that they could consider buying the business outright.

Tim cautions Sarah that Stephen is a liar who said he was coercively controlled by Gabrielle but then sought to pass her off as a business consultant for the factory. Stephen claimed Gabrielle had this power over him.

An equity release company’s statement is displayed to Gail by Audrey. She decides to phone the lady after learning that Gail and Audrey were aware of Gabrielle’s abuse of Stephen.

Sarah is shown the equity release letter by Audrey, who wonders whether it has anything to do with the estate agent visit that Stephen set up for Sarah.

In his phone conversation, Paul complains to Shelly about the stairlift, the wheelchair, and Billy’s persistent meddling. According to Shelly, he ought should be appreciative of Billy’s assistance.

Billy should go out for the day and enjoy themselves while they can, Paul offers when he gets home. The day is spent at the lake by Billy and Paul.

Billy finds it difficult to say no when Paul offers they go skinny dipping. Billy is advised to book their wedding by Paul, who also proposes having it in the café.

Zeedan wants to take Yasmeen to Pakistan for her 70th birthday, but she doesn’t want to leave him when he’s under so much stress about what’s happening with Dom and Eliza, Yasmeen tells Stu.

She must go, Stu urges since it will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. In the meantime, Dom phones the lawyers and proposes that Stu and Dee-Dee settle their dispute instead of continuing with the legal action. Stu declines and promises to see Dom in court.

an animated Ed tells Ronnie about a property parcel that is for sale and has a permit for six dwellings because he believes they might earn a fortune.

Despite having already spent the money, Ronnie grudgingly consents to review the specifics. Ronnie recommends to Ed that they hire a surveyor to check at the property before they make any hasty choices in an effort to give themselves some time.

When Guy sends Ryan a message to remind him about the video, Ryan tells Guy that it is still in the works. Later, when Daisy brings him a ring light, Ryan writes a message on his O-Vidz page promising his fans a customised film very soon.

Wednesday August 30

Sarah requests clarification on Stephen (ITV image).

Sarah overhears Stephen and Jenny discussing the Rovers transaction while on the phone at the workplace. She follows him thinking he’s talking to Angelique about the Nippersnapper transaction.

Sarah discovers him in the hotel and makes threats to contact the police because she thinks he’s going to swindle her out of the contract. When Carla meets Lou, she is astonished to learn that Rufus experimented with LSD; Carla can relate to Lou’s description of his symptoms.

She admits to Roy that her symptoms were the same and that she thinks someone may have given her an LSD overdose. Roy expresses his concerns to Peter after becoming unconvinced and thinking that she is once more experiencing paranoia. What will Peter do?

When Paul and Bernie arrive at Shelly’s flat, they discover her surrounded by packages and boxes, each of which is holding a laptop.

Shelly admits that in order to pay for her caretakers, she has been purchasing computers using her former employer’s credit card and reselling them. For Summer’s birthday, Paul gives her one of Shelly’s stolen computers while pretending it was on sale.

Debbie reassures Ronnie in the cafe that he just needs to delay Ed for a few more days. Ronnie hides his fright when Ed says that he’s hired his own surveyor to expedite matters and believes they should call the estate agency and submit a bid on the land.

Ed leaves dishonest Ronnie in a panic (Picture: ITV)

When Ed learns from the estate agent that there has been a lot of interest in the property parcel and that sealed offers are being accepted, he is upset. Ronnie is glad about the setback.

When Jenny comes to the Rovers with Stephen in tow, she informs Daisy that she no longer owns the Rovers because she signed the dotted line. After finding Jenny in the Rovers’ back room, Stephen embraces her and gives her a passionate kiss while telling her it’s time for her to start putting herself first. Stephen is led upstairs by Jenny, who grabs his hand.

Dom reassures Stu that all of his intentions are for Eliza’s benefit, giving him an opportunity to get to know his daughter and become a better father. Stu is torn.

In the Rovers, Cassie persuades Dev and Kirk to play a game of gin rummy while giving Dev the go-ahead to order the drinks.

When Tyrone enters the bar, he discovers Cassie spread out like a sheet. He carries her home. Tyrone gives Cassie a pint of water at number nine and encourages her not to blow it since he is happy of how well she is recovering.

Friday September 1

Jenny is exactly where Stephen wants her to be (ITV image).

Debbie informs Ronnie that shares of Newton & Ridley have plummeted, and that he should hope Waterfords make an offer soon. In a panic, Ronnie confides in Ed that he is having second thoughts about the new project and believes they should abandon it, but Ed won’t budge.

Ronnie then overhears Henry telling the Rovers workers that his Dad wants to sell the brewery but he’s doing all in his power to prevent it. He then runs after Henry outside and nudges him to take Waterfords’ offer. Henry wants to know where Ronnie obtained his information, pointing out that he never mentioned Waterfords. What strategy will Ronnie use to get out of this one?

How will Ed respond when Ronnie is forced to explain that there is no money since he spent it all on shares of Newton & Ridley that are now worthless when Ed says he has made an offer for the parcel of land?

Jenny recommends that Stephen and Jenny arrange a vacation as they walk down the street, and she offers to pay for it. When Tim sees them, he tells Jenny not to trust Stephen. Stephen is incensed and bemoans to Jenny about being forced homeless as he explains that Elaine is selling her flat and wants him out.

With £20 in his hand, Tyrone instructs Cassie to get something for tea. He has Cassie’s word that she won’t waste the money on alcohol. Tyrone convinces Evelyn to watch the girls as they go to the dentist before leaving. But Cassie is still missing when he gets back. He is advised to assume the worst by Evelyn.

Dom and Stu cross paths in the police station. Dom recommends ice cream but claims to have left his cash at home. Dom’s ears perk up when Eliza tells him that Stu will pay since he is rich.

Dev accuses Bernie of having an affair after seeing a message from Big Garth on her phone. Bernie reassures him that he is completely mistaken, but will she divulge the real details of the laptop scam?

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