Emmerdale preview images for the upcoming week As crime rattles the community, Charity meets a shocking new love interest.

Two major events involving criminal activities, as well as a shocking new love interest for Charity Dingle, are confirmed by Emmerdale spoiler images for the upcoming episode.

After having a one-night fling with her ex-boyfriend and future husband Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), Charity (Emma Atkins) is ready to move on. She accepts Gail’s challenge to propose to the next person who enters the Woolpack.

To Charity’s amazement, the person in question is none other than Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson). Despite her hesitations, Charity decides to give it a go, and Liam is mildly seduced by her charm.

Will Charity, on the other hand, find the date as delightful as Liam? Or does she continue to hold out hope for a meeting with Mack?

After receiving a promotion from Caleb Milligan (William Ash), Nate Robinson (Jurrell Carter) decides to take action elsewhere in the community in an effort to put an end to the shady business practises at the driving company.

To his surprise, he learns that Corey is trafficking illicit firearms, and he immediately informs Caleb of his discoveries.

The pair discovers the missing firearms in shocking moments that quickly leave them facing Harry’s (Robert Beck) anger.

And there are significant changes for the Anderson family over at Woodbine, where Charles (Kevin Mathurin), upset that Victor (Eddie Osei) has managed to worm his way back into Claudette’s (Flo Wilson) heart, engages his father in a violent confrontation that ends with Claudette slapping her son!

Meanwhile, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), who has agreed to give the jewellery back to Jai (Chris Bisson), discovers that it has vanished and believes Victor is to blame.

Emmerdale is preparing for another dramatic week for the villagers, with major outcomes and shocking showdowns on the horizon. (Image from ITV)

When Claudette discovers the jewellery in Victor’s pocket, she is horrified. As Manpreet contacts the police, the thief flees quickly. When Charles learns what occurred, he is appalled. He then sets out to find his father, but will he be successful?

What appears to be true? Will Victor be located, too?

Between Monday, August 28 and Friday, September 1 at 7:30 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX, Emmerdale will show these sequences.

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