Natalie Cassidy of EastEnders screams, “Would’ve been better to stay at home,” after a “stressful” vacation.

After a particularly “stressful” morning attempting to get her kid to her gymnastics club, Natalie Cassidy took to social media to express her emotions.

The EastEnders legend posted about the incident on Instagram, explaining that it was difficult to find the summer club because of road closures and uncertainty.

The Sonia Fowler actress asked a woman who was there with a young girl wearing a gymnastics suit for directions so she could get her seven-year-old there in time.

Natalie recalled the incident to her Twitter followers, “I said: “Excuse me, are you heading to the gymnastics club?” ‘sure, sure, yeah, she said. There isn’t any parking there, so stick with me.

Natalie, on the other hand, was perplexed since she assumed the gymnastics club was “across that bridge,” but the woman gave her directions in a different direction.

She said, “I pull up and follow this woman. In essence, we’re chasing strangers. I enter the incorrect gymnastics club when she leads me there.

EastEnders’ Sonia Fowler is portrayed by Natalie. (Image via Getty)

The 43-year-old said that she was the centre of attention, which led her to declare that the club was “not the right” before leaving and returning to her car, where her child was afterwards described as “having a tantrum.”

She said, “Anyway, I got her there! I’m only 11 minutes late, so that’s not too awful.” However, it would have been preferable to remain in and watch a movie.


Since 1993, Natalie has portrayed Sonia in EastEnders. Recently, she had a hair makeover, dying her black hair a considerably lighter shade.

She chose to go back to the hairdresser to get back to her previous appearance despite the favourable feedback from admirers online.

The actress tweeted, “To everyone who’s said lovely things about my barnet, thank you but I’m changing it back,” accompanied with a photo of her new appearance.

I’m happy I tried cutting back, but I simply don’t feel like myself! Before making a joke, Natalie remarked, “My poor hairdresser!”

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