Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Gun twist in Emmerdale as police storm the village and a key player makes a comeback

Gun twist in Emmerdale as police storm the village and a key player makes a comeback

In the Dales, there are both violent and passionate crimes. (Image from ITV)

The episodes of Emmerdale village that air the following week include a lot of danger and worry as a man goes missing and a number of illicit firearms also go missing.

As his most recent assignment for criminal Harry (Robert Beck) goes wrong, leaving him with an explanation to make when guns disappear, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) is facing a crisis.

Meanwhile, Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) are dumbfounded by what is happening as Caleb Miligan (William Ash) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) are drawn into the tangle with violent repercussions.

Another family is experiencing additional conflict, and there is a violent altercation in the Anderson home.

And when former inmate Victor (Eddie Osei) appears to have committed a new crime, he runs away after calling the police.

Who is able to find him?
Other Emmerdale news includes the return of Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), who is enraged at the news that sticks in her throat.

Does Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) have a hold on an unexpected local?

You know, maybe this pairing will work out…

on August 28th.

Tensions within the Anderson family are at their peak. (Image from ITV)

Charles is not pleased that Claudette and Victor have totally reunited. Victor grinned triumphantly as he saw his kid becoming irritated. Things turn violent when Charles confronts his father about getting into Claudette’s life. He is caught in the act by Claudette, who slaps him as punishment.

Manpreet meets Jai in the interim and offers to give the jewellery back. Manpreet is encouraged by Jai to express her emotions to Charles. Later, when she does, Charles is furious to learn that Victor overheard their argument.

Charles becomes even more determined to get rid of his father after Victor prods him.

While Mackenzie appears content to have survived his Charity gaffe, Charity must keep to her strategy to avoid him at all costs.

As Nate refuses yet another dubious job with Corey, the pressure mounts, but it’s getting complicated since Cain and Tracy are starting to pose challenging questions.

Later, after recommending to Caleb that he be given a promotion, Nate is inspired and puts him in a managerial position.

Tearful Wendy is given access to Cathy’s ongoing troubles.

Tuesday August 29

Charity is aiming for a shocked Liam. (Image from ITV)

Manpreet is urged to give Charles another opportunity by Charles. When Jai arrives to claim the jewellery, it has vanished. Victor instantly arouses Manpreet’s suspicion, and when Victor is implicated, he becomes defensive.

Claudette, who has been assured that her husband is innocent, is shocked to discover the jewellery in Victor’s pocket. Victor flees hastily while Manpreet phones the cops.

Manpreet and Claudette are questioned by PC Swirling about the theft. Charles is surprised to discover what has transpired when he gets home. Claudette gets ready to search for Victor.

When Caleb takes Nate out to celebrate, Cain feels left out by their good humour. When Chas learns that Caleb is the owner of the driving company that is bringing Cain new business, he is immediately astonished.

In the meantime, Corey’s bewildered Nate has assumed the role of manager and is insisting that the illicit employment end.

Later, Cain offers a hostile Nate an olive branch. Knowing the truth about Nate’s employment makes Chas feel bad.

Gail challenges Charity to propose to the next visitor to the Woolpack, and Charity agrees. She immediately fixes her gaze on a bit frightened Liam who has been scheduled for a date.

Despite Bob’s anxieties, Wendy makes a lot of effort to keep their relationship going.

Wednesday August 30

Gabby is at home and not at all pleased! (Image from ITV)

When Caleb informs Nate that Chas is aware of the driving company, Nate is frightened. When Nate discovers Corey moving illegal firearms, he intends to take action, but when Tracy shows up, he is forced to scramble to hide the firearms.

When Nate tells about the shady transactions, Caleb becomes enraged. When Caleb learns that firearms have been buried, he hurries to get them, but they are gripped with fear since the guns have vanished.

As Liam enters the Hide for his date with Charity, he begins to feel a little drunk by her obvious allure.

Billy and Gabby have decided to keep their indiscretion a secret now that they have returned from their vacation.

Thursday August 31

Caleb is immediately out of his depth (Picture: ITV)

Nate avoids Corey’s texts because he is unsure of how to explain the missing firearms to him. Nate rushes out as soon as Tracy notices his anxiety. When Corey learns the firearms have vanished, he is not pleased.

The group is uneasy because they know to whom they belong. An anxious Nate informs Tracy of everything as Caleb schedules the appointment with Harry. She is furious and advises him to bring Cain along so they won’t encounter Harry alone.

Caleb encounters an imposing Harry and makes an effort to be unfazed. Caleb is adamant about stopping any unlawful activity, but he realises he’s in trouble when Harry’s heavyweights start to become aggressive.

When Victoria laments the absence of a new chef at the Hide, Suni seizes the opportunity, impressing Victoria enough to give him the position. After hearing the news, Gabby becomes irate and complains to Jacob.

On her birthday, Amelia feels discouraged because she misses Dan.
on September 1, Friday

Lydia is frustrated. Craig still faces hostility from Sam.

After recent tensions, Claudette begs Charles for a favour, and Suni gets to work, setting Gabby off.

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