Despite recently leaving the show, a beloved Coronation Street star will return.

According to reports, Amy Robbins will return as Christina Boyd. (Image from ITV)

Following the recent sighting of actress Amy Robbins leaving the ITV soap opera’s studios, Christina Boyd is preparing to return to Coronation Street.

Prior to Daisy Midgeley’s ill-fated nuptials to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), Daisy’s troublemaking mother first made an appearance in January of this year.

After a contentious fight with Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), Christina made the decision to leave in order to maintain harmony with her daughter.

Coronation Street assured at the time of Christina’s departure that she would return in the future.

Since her departure, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has been caught in the crossfire of Daisy’s experience with stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still), who has intensified their acid assault on her.

Thanks to the fact that Justin was sentenced to jail after being found guilty of his crime, Daisy and Ryan can now move on with their lives without worrying about Justin’s potential return.

Is it time for Christina to try to get back in touch with her kid after her terrifying trauma now that she has had nearly eight months to let the dust settle after her turbulent last appearance?

One who works in the soap industry verified Christina’s comeback to The Sun.

Everyone in the cast was happy to have Amy back because she is highly well-liked.

She would periodically appear and disappear from the soap opera, they claimed. is aware that her visit will only last for one episode.

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