Star of EastEnders Michelle Collins teases a confrontation between Cindy Beale and Bobby over the killing of Lucy

Cindy and Ian have been residing in France. (Image: BBC)

There will be a tremendous amount for Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) to take in when she returns to Albert Square in forthcoming EastEnders episodes.

In a recent twist, it was revealed that the character, who was meant to have passed over 25 years ago, is still alive and well and has been residing in France with Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Peter (Thomas Law). Under the guise of Rose Knight, she was residing in witness protection and was the mother of Anna (Molly Rainford) and Gina (Francesca Henry), the two daughters of George Knight (Colin Salmon).

Yes, it is difficult. But picture having to appear at Albert Square and having to confront both your past as a member of the Beale family and your past as a member of the Knights.

Michelle Collins remarked, “She’s been gone for 25 years.” If we examine it carefully and seriously, to go through the events that have taken place in her life. She was placed in protective custody. She had to start again and become someone wholly different. She has such incredible tenacity and character fortitude that I find it remarkable that she is still going strong despite everything she has through in her life.

Cindy’s responses to this were recounted by Michelle. She may have returned, but she still has a lot of issues to resolve. She experiences a whole emotional roller coaster throughout. She discovers unexpected family members here all of a sudden. She was unaware that George and the girls were in the room. That really shocks me. All of these events just appear out of nowhere, one after the other. It really is a big emotional rollercoaster.

Bobby served time in prison for killing Lucy, but after his release, he made a commitment to do better. (Image: BBC)

Coming face to face with Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell), who murdered Cindy’s daughter Lucy, is one item that is going to be very important to Cindy. After a lengthy plot that lasted over a year, Bobby was identified as his sister’s killer in 2015, and as a result, he served time in a young offenders’ facility.

What will Cindy do? It will be an intriguing dynamic to see develop, according to Michelle.

Naturally, she thought, “That connection is problematic.” He made a mistake and had to pay the price. Cindy finds it difficult to comprehend that he served time in jail and is now free. But once more, these are the issues we’re trying to resolve.

Michelle and the actors portraying her family members got along so well that as intense as the scenes would be to see, she enjoyed filming them.

She exclaimed, “I’m very happy with my family, because I have Peter, portrayed by Tom, and Bobby, played by Clay, who are simply fantastic.” I adore those two young men. I’m very fortunate to work with the best performers in the business and my most amazing family.

“With Clay, I’ve had some fantastic sequences.” With those two, I had the best time. They are like a duo act; they are excellent.

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