Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street After the “cakegate” incident, Catherine Tyledesley “cancels” her 40th birthday celebration.

After the “cakegate” incident, Catherine Tyledesley “cancels” her 40th birthday celebration.

The ex-Corrie actor called “cakegate” “utterly strange.” Image courtesy of ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

According to reports, Catherine Tyldesley postponed her 40th birthday festivities after becoming caught up in the “cakegate” controversy.

The former Coronation Street star found herself in the middle of a dispute about “free cake” earlier this year.

In order to get “social media exposure,” Rebecca Severs, the proprietor of Three Little Birds Bakery in West Yorkshire, claimed she received an email requesting her to bake two birthday cakes and more than 100 cupcakes for a “well-known celebrity.”

Catherine, a past participant on Strictly Come Dancing, was identified as the celebrity in question. She called the scenario “utterly weird” and said that the event’s producers had “been entirely misled in this.”

The actress called the events firm NVRLND “wonderful” and said in a video uploaded to Instagram that she “had no knowledge those emails were even sent.”

She said, “I sincerely wish the bakery have some exposure and acquire plenty of new orders!” at the moment. I’ve always backed tiny, neighbourhood companies. I’ve been subjected to awful harassment online; perhaps, this will put an end to it.

From 2011 until 2018 the actress played Eva Price in the ITV serial opera Coronation Street (Image: David Fisher/Shutterstock).

It is now being said that Catherine, who will be 40 in September, has opted to scale back her birthday celebration since she was so “blindsided” by what transpired.

According to a source who spoke to The Daily Mirror on Sunday, “Cath was taken by surprise by Cakegate and found the entire affair quite distressing therefore she’s opted on a calmer celebration.”

She doesn’t blame NVRLND, but she decided to cancel because the whole thing left her with a bad taste.

Rebecca previously replied: “I’m very sorry to hear that your customer has fallen on such bad times they can’t afford to pay small companies their products. I’m asking for the cakes in return for social media exposure.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to refuse your extremely kind offer because my mortgage provider doesn’t accept money in the form of social media advertising and my workers can’t feed their children with Instagram exposure.

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