EastEnders reveals a huge bombshell as George confronts Cindy Beale, shaking the Knights to their very core.

It all starts here (Image: BBC)

This week on EastEnders, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) returns to Walford for the first time, and she finds a lot waiting for her there.

Away from the Knight household, Cindy returns to Albert Square in search of Peter (Thomas Law), who departed for England after learning that he had two sisters named Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry) from Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Because we are aware that Cindy lived underground as Rose Knight after being arrested more than 20 years ago, the Knights play a significant role in this story as well. She began dating George (Colin Salmon) while posing as Rose, gave birth to Anna and Gina, and neglected to inform the family of her actual identity.

So let’s start with the drama from this week.

Cindy (Gillian Taylforth), who is back in Walford, is frantically trying to avoid being noticed while still looking for Kathy.

Shortly after she finds her at No. 45, a conflict breaks out; however, Ian has already returned home after following Peter and Cindy’s path.

When Ian locates Cindy, he tries to eject her, but George, who has just left the bar, stops her in her tracks.

Peter is originally waiting for Cindy when she gets home (Photo: BBC).

As the week progresses, George learns that Cindy neglected to go back for the Knights because she was unaware that they were in Walford.

George, who is adamant about protecting Anna and Gina, informs Cindy that they are both in Spain. However, Cindy discovers her children are actually in the Queen Vic after Linda (Kellie Bright) makes a mistake.

Cindy is attempting to defend herself to Anna and Gina in the pub as the astonishment of Cindy and Ian’s homecoming spreads.

To drown their sorrows, the siblings decide to go to Peggy’s, but things rapidly spiral out of control.

The reality has remained unknown to Gina and Anna (Image: BBC).

When George and Cindy arrive, he understands that his greatest nightmare has come true.

What has changed though?

According to Michelle Collins, “You can absolutely anticipate some of the old Cindy to come back.”

I also believe that if the old components were missing, folks may feel a little dissatisfied. She’s hardly the type of person who would stay in and knit, in my opinion. She was a persona who, in a sense, women despised but kind of yearned to be because of the way she acted. In an era when women on television weren’t really depicted in that way, she was unapologetic. I believe she got away with murder as a result. [Laughs].

“People enjoy that aspect of her.” Didn’t she play the wicked girl? But if you’re going to have the terrible girl, you have to give her depth; else, it becomes monotonous. Again, I believe that this is what people want to hear. I do believe there are elements of her previous personality there.

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