Todd Boyce of Coronation Street reveals that Stephen, a pivotal character, will pass away.

Who will be the fourth victim? (Image from ITV)

We don’t need any more evidence that Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid from Coronation Street is a vicious individual who has no qualms about getting rid of everyone who stands in his way. He has already murdered three men who dared to cross him, after all.

The first person to begin to suspect that Stephen had a secret motive and was attempting to obtain his mother Audrey’s money was Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost). The guy ended up dead in a dumpster when Leo questioned him about it. Then, when Teddy, Leo’s father (Grant Burgin), approached learning the truth about what had happened to his son, Stephen dispatched him as well.

Rufus Donahue (Steven Meo), who met his end after Stephen drugged him with LSD and drowned him in a pool, was the victim of Stephen’s third murder.

In soon-to-air episodes, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) chooses to confront Sarah (Tina O’Brien) about his suspicions about Stephen, warning her that he had claimed to be coercively controlled by his ex-wife Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) in order to influence Elaine (Paula Wilcox), who had been coercively controlled by Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew).

When Tim’s mother Elaine saw a photo of Stephen and Gabrielle, she recognised the lady from a Zoom chat she had with Stephen, during which he had stated she was a business partner. Elaine came to the conclusion that Tim was correct in describing Stephen as a liar who was only for her money after this.

Tim is aware that Stephen is unfavourable. (Image from ITV)

And in light of this, Todd Boyce believes that Stephen is in grave danger, as well as maybe Tim.

He said, “He sees Tim as an inconvenience, but Tim has kind of lulled Stephen into a false feeling of security.” ‘Stephen underestimated Tim because of his attitude. Tim is keeping his adversary near by letting him continue to reside in the flat.

Tim could turn out to be the next victim of Stephen. Todd thinks it’s a possibility. He replied menacingly, “He isn’t going to hurt him, but if Tim were run over I don’t think Stephen would rush to help him.”

However, Tim is putting himself in a risky situation by probing too far into Stephen’s life. This is because previous people who have been in Tim’s situation are no longer with us. Tim is treading carefully.

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