Alan Halsall, a star of Coronation Street, discusses if Tyrone and Evelyn would never reconcile after their treachery.

Will Tyrone and Evelyn be able to recover from this? (Image from ITV)

The most recent episode of Coronation Street had Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) agreeing to meet his mother Cassie (Claire Sweeney) despite Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) insisting that she couldn’t be trusted.

Tyrone refused to let Evelyn come back in with him because he wanted to make this error on his own terms, leaving her angry that he would prioritise his mother over her.

After Cassie described her life with Evelyn as a mother, presenting her in a negative light and even going so far as to say that she had held Cassie responsible for her father’s passing, he made his choice.

Actor Alan Halsall said, “Tyrone’s only hearing half of the tale, and of course Evelyn can be pretty guarded and closed off about things, so it’s hard to piece it together.”

‘If you think about all those years and years and years of what she was going through with Cassie, and she was still trying to assist her, and in some ways she’s trying to correct it all through Tyrone and the children, but Tyrone just can’t understand it yet.

He currently feels deceived by Evelyn. In terms of not understanding why, if she’s meant to love him, she would lie to him. He has trouble seeing it. Those falsehoods presumably entailed a lot of love and caused Evelyn a lot of suffering.

Since Tyrone and Evelyn have always had a close relationship, it makes sense that he would miss having her around, as Alan says he does.

I believe that Tyrone gravitated everything towards Evelyn very quickly because, after so many years, they had become his first true family. Even though he rolled his eyes at her every week for something she said or did, Evelyn was a real source of strength for Tyrone.

Recently, Tyrone discovered that Cassie was his mother. (Image from ITV)

“I think he feels incredibly wounded by this circumstance since he gave up so much to Evelyn and finding out she lied to him about his mother has hurt him so much, even though she stated she attempted to protect him,” says Evelyn.

However, as I said, “even though he rolls his eyes every week, he truly loves her,” I believe that he is missing her direction and genuinely is missing everything about her.

Tyrone, however, has a reputation for being obstinate (we wonder where that comes from), so it’s possible that he won’t welcome Evelyn back after she lied to him for so long.

Despite this, Alan thinks Tyrone and Evelyn might be able to find a way home.

“For Tyrone, having Evelyn in his life for the past five years has been wonderful, and they always got along incredibly well.” She is a mentor to him and the person he loves.

“I think he simply feels deceived,” I say. However, one thing I do know about Tyrone is that he is capable of forgiving others, and I believe that he would do it wholeheartedly. Both Evelyn and forgiveness are something he desires in his life.

When he hears what Evelyn is saying and wants to consider it, they occasionally have exchanges that make you believe they will become friends once more. Then, though, Cassie says something that causes him to reconsider.

And he is truly conflicted because, for the first time in a long time, he is being told something by two members of his family and he is unsure of what to do with it.

His ultimate ideal situation would be for the four generations to live together as a family under one roof.

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