By bringing Fatboy back to life in the Cindy Beale narrative, EastEnders astounded viewers.

Both Cindy and we weren’t prepared for this. (Image: BBC)

When EastEnders viewers tuned in for the special week where Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) made her long-awaited return, they were ready for the unexpected.

A comeback for the late, great Fatboy Chubb, though? No, that was not at all on our list.

Ricky Norwood has returned to his beloved cheeky role as the individual who naively questioned “dead” Cindy and her handler for the time in a unique flashback sequence.

The idea that Fatboy was murdered off in such a brutal manner while being innocent has long been controversial among fans.

In a grim Christmas scenario, Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) was the target of a kill order placed by Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack).

But poor Fats, Dot Cotton’s best friend, got caught in the crossfire and was mistaken for him, leading to his death.

She was present all along, then! Honest! (Image: BBC)

In a terrible scenario, Vincent discovered Fatboy’s remains inside the boot of a smashed automobile.

It was especially terrifying because Fatboy had previously disclosed in another episode that he had a lifelong phobia of small places.

Since we weren’t there to witness the body, several viewers have asked Fatboy to return.

Instead of disappointing fans with a fleeting return of Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), current showrunner Chris Clenshaw has created an unexpected Fatboy cameo.

No less than right into the largest and most dramatic week of the soap opera so far this year!

Up until this point, we had no idea how much we missed Fatboy. (Image: BBC)
Cindy is obviously not a fan of EastEnders: E20 (Image: BBC).

Cindy is back in Walford and attempting to explain the situation to George Knight (Colin Salmon).

When she found out Lucy had passed away, she left him and her kids, as seen in a flashback.

She is seen showing up in Walford, keeping an eye on Ian (Adam Woodyatt) as he laments the terrible loss from a distance.

It is implied that Cindy was present the entire time by fusing previous episode footage with freshly shot material (retcon, where!?).

However, the handler was able to put her in a car and warn her about the danger of being identified as a living person.

In a humorous scenario, Fatboy irritates the two by asking them for the time in a manner reminiscent of Fatboy from over a decade ago.

He temporarily allayed Cindy’s worries that he may be working for her adversaries.

He was not such kind of a person!

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