EastEnders handles Cindy Jr., Cindy Beale’s absence in a comeback plot.

Cindy inquired as to if Kathy had spoken to Cindy Jr. (Image: BBC).

Fans have been wondering whether Cindy Beale’s daughter, Cindy Jr., will return to EastEnders ever since Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) made an unexpected comeback in special episodes set in France.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards just now, and EastEnders has explained why.

When Cindy arrived back at Albert Square, she immediately headed to No. 45, where she ran with her arch-enemy Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), and their encounter went about as well as might be anticipated.

And by that, we obviously refer to the fact that they each took seven bells from the other, and we thoroughly loved it.

However, their altercation resulted in the destruction of a photograph of Lucy Beale, and that was sufficient to refocus their attention.

After having both long since pretended to be dead, the duo started to regret not being there for Lucy before her death.

The talk then shifted to one of Cindy’s younger daughters, Cindy Jr., and Kathy was asked if they had stayed in touch.

Cindy Jr. resides in Germany. (Image: Kevin McCarron for the BBC)

Although Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen), who also resides in Germany, maintains that Cindy Jr. is doing well, Kathy confessed that she sent Christmas cards every year but hadn’t heard back.

Cindy admitted that she wanted to get in touch with Kathy but didn’t feel she had the right to because she hadn’t really gotten to know Cindy Jr.
But is it possible to alter that?

Could Cindy decide to make contact with her estranged daughter, bringing her scurrying back to Walford as she and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), together with son Peter (Thomas Law), are about to make a permanent return to Albert Square?

On Tuesday, August 29 at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, EastEnders will continue.

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