Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Nine years ago, Cindy Beale discreetly made a comeback to EastEnders, but you missed it.

Nine years ago, Cindy Beale discreetly made a comeback to EastEnders, but you missed it.

She’s creating quite a commotion. (Image: BBC)

As part of this week’s EastEnders’ ongoing storyline twists, it was revealed in the show’s episode airing on Tuesday, August 29, that Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) visited Walford nine years ago and we entirely missed it.

Since Cindy’s detention more than 20 years ago, she has been living covertly as Rose Knight, fans have learned thanks to the iconic character’s shocking comeback a few months ago.

Cindy returned to Albert Square only this past week after learning that Peter (Thomas Law) had travelled from France to England in search of Anna and Gina Knight (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry), who were Peter’s new sisters.

Cindy was coming face to face with people like Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and finally her ex-husband George (Colin Salmon), who had a lot of questions for Cindy, while Ian (Adam Woodyatt) boarded the Eurostar to accompany his partner and kid back home.

And they were addressed in tonight’s show, which is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.

We were aware that Rose Knight had abandoned the family nine years prior, but we didn’t know why until Cindy’s return.

She has always been there! (Image: BBC)

After Cindy revealed her secret identity to George in the barrel shop, we flashed back to April 19, 2014, the day following Lucy Beale’s murder.

Although Cindy and George were residing in Spain, it was obvious that their relationship had hit a rough point.

Cindy was left alone to watch the news as George, a younger Gina, and Anna left.

Cindy wished to meet Lucy’s identical twin, Peter (Image: BBC).

The character then got a call from Mary, her police handler, who mentioned Lucy, the character’s daughter.

George didn’t see Cindy again until 2023 when she left the home after grabbing a suitcase.

With the Who Killed Lucy Beale? drama still in its early stages, Cindy was observed monitoring an upset Ian Beale from behind some bushes in the Square Garden back in Walford.

Mary eventually located Cindy and instructed her to get in the car and go.

Cindy’s decision to go undercover not only endangered her life, but Mary also warned her that the Knight family may also be in danger if she went back to them.

In the end, it explained why Cindy abandoned George, Anna, and Gina all those years ago, but we have a feeling George won’t be so quick to forget.

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