Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Lydia Dingle has trauma after being sexually assaulted by a childhood friend

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Lydia Dingle has trauma after being sexually assaulted by a childhood friend

Lydia’s life is permanently altered. (Image from ITV)

One of the most adored characters on the show, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), is about to be sexually assaulted by her former childhood friend and current boss Craig Reed (Ben Addis), according to an announcement from Emmerdale.

Craig and Lydia recently ran into one other at a career fair where Lydia was seeking for employment. The two were quickly chatting up on former times after spotting each other. Since they had both been in the same children’s home, it was quickly discovered that Craig was Toby’s biological father. Lydia, who was still quite young at the time, buried the stillborn child behind a tree.

Craig shows up to Wishing Well in subsequent episodes and requests to go to Toby’s last resting place. Lydia leads him to the location of the baby’s ashes’ dispersal.

For the first time, she believes that someone is aware of her situation. According to Karen Blick. Sam (James Hooton) says, “As much as he loves Lydia and supports her, it’s not the same. Not Toby’s father, he was. She is thus thinking, “We share this sadness,” as she stands there with the baby’s father. He comprehends. They are discussing the kind of man he may have been. What would Toby have done in those 33 years, supposing that it had been 33 years ago? Who would he have developed into? What kind of a childhood would he have had. It’s crucial to have someone with whom to communicate these sentiments and thoughts, and Lydia has never had that.

They almost kiss as a result of the intense moment that results from this. Lydia tells Kim (Claire King) what transpired and announces her intention to leave her position with Craig. Before she does, though, Craig reminds her how much he values their rekindled relationship, and she chooses to withdraw her resignation.

However, when Craig confesses to Lydia that he has emotions for her and then forces himself on her, things quickly become ugly.

These sequences will be tough for the audience to see, Karen Blick informed us.

At a career fair, Lydia ran across Craig once more (ITV).

It’s unpleasant to watch. I’m not going to be at all hesitant about that, she declared. It’s a challenging, unpleasant topic. At the conclusion of the scenario, we are left with the knowledge that it took place. Everyone handled something that was so tough and stressful in a really polite manner.

Rape Crisis UK’s CEO, Jayne Butler, told us that she hoped the narrative will aid other rape and sexual assault survivors as she and Emmerdale worked closely together to produce the plot.

“Rape still has such a stigma,” she remarked. People are ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it, thus they are afraid to do so. There are many worries that people would believe it’s their responsibility and that they somehow contributed to this. I believe that by being honest about it and discussing its effects in the manner that this plotline enables us to, it helps to lessen the stigma by letting people know there is nothing to be embarrassed of and they are not to blame for what has occurred.

Lydia and Craig shared a children’s home (Image: ITV).

Viewers will watch Lydia choose to keep what occurred a secret from her family after the rape.

Karen Blick added, “She’s afraid of being believed and doesn’t want to disturb her family.” It’s a big deal, that. When Lydia returns to the Dingles’ and Sam and Mandy (Lisa Riley) are present, we see her in the immediate aftermath. Considering others, she asks, “What will this do to Sam?” She simply wants it to disappear. “I’ll go on, I’m going to act like this hasn’t occurred, and get on with my life,” someone said. I am able to thoroughly comprehend her choice.

If anyone has been affected by Lydia’s plot, we want you to know that Rape Crisis is here for you, Jayne continued. We offer a tonne of information and assistance on our website that could be helpful, whether it happened recently, a long time ago, or you’re not sure what happened.

Additionally, “You may contact us online at or by calling our 24/7 Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Line at 0808 500 2222.”

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