Star of EastEnders Lacey Turner discusses Stacey’s shocking maneuver to separate Theo from Lily

In EastEnders, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) will get a shocking revelation just before her 12-year-old daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) gives birth. Stacey is about to learn the identity of the evil stalker who has been harassing her for the past few weeks. Viewers will be aware that Stacey maintained tabs on a Secret Cam customer … Read more

In EastEnders, are Bobby Beale and Anna Knight related? The complex family tree of Cindy Beale is described.

Recently, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) and Anna Knight (Molly Rainford), an EastEnders newbie, have become closer, and their shared kiss hinted at the possibility of romance. Peter Beale (Thomas Law), who discovered Anna and her sister Gina (Francesca Henry) are his half-sisters through their mother Cindy’s liaison with George Knight (Colin Salmon), has compounded … Read more

Fans are blown away by Jessie Elland’s incredible singing talent on Emmerdale.

Jessie Elland, an Emmerdale actor, recently posted a video on TikTok, where she dazzled viewers with her singing talent. Fans were quick to praise the Chloe Harris actress’ cover of Laufey’s song From the Start after she put it online. “OMG, your voice is incredible!” One fan said, “What a great singing voice you have, … Read more

Emmerdale spoilers for the upcoming episode show a terrible ordeal, two horrific attacks, and Gabby’s retribution.

With a fresh batch of teaser images proving Lydia Dingle’s (Karen Blick) grief after being sexually assaulted by her childhood pal Craig, Emmerdale is set for an emotional and terrible week. In following scenes, Craig, who reconciled with her a few weeks earlier, wants to talk to Lydia about their shared past. Lydia offers to … Read more

Daniel Brocklebank, a smitten Coronation Street star, posts vacation photos with his new beau.

Daniel Brocklebank, a Coronation Street actor who recently flew off on vacation with his lover, recently released a beautiful romantic photo of the two of them. The actor, who takes on the role of Billy Mayhew in the ITV serial opera, posted photos on social media from his romantic getaway in Crete with Jordan Coulthard, … Read more

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Eliza sobs when her menstruation begins following a humiliating incident at school

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Eliza Woodrow (Savannah Kunyo) is experiencing loneliness when she begins her period at school. Recently, the little girl has been at the center of a plot involving Dom, her father, whom she started talking to online. Bill Fellows’ character, Stu, got in touch with Bridget soon after they met Dom … Read more

As he celebrates the “epic” return of Fatboy, Ricky Norwood pays emotional homage to his late EastEnders co-star.

After temporarily returning to the world of EastEnders, Ricky Norwood has paid tribute to the late June Brown. In the BBC One soap opera Fatboy, who unexpectedly made a comeback from the grave during yesterday’s (August 29) episode, the actor is most known for his performance. The narrative for Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) and the … Read more

Reunited are the Beales: Who plays Peter Beale, a regular in EastEnders, and how old is he?

In conjunction with Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) dramatic return to Albert Square, Peter Beale (Thomas Law) has made an explosive return to EastEnders. After learning about sisters Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna (Molly Rainford), Cindy’s daughters from her marriage to George Knight (Colin Salmon), the character, who had been living in France with Cindy and … Read more