Soap & Spoilers EastEnders After a violent altercation with Cindy Beale, an EastEnders child was left for dead.

After a violent altercation with Cindy Beale, an EastEnders child was left for dead.

Gina used drugs and passed out. (Image: BBC)

Only a few hours after her mother returned to her life, Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) passed out on EastEnders.

Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), the mother of Gina and Anna (Molly Rainford), is known to the children as Rose Knight; they do not aware that Cindy was living secretly for almost 20 years after her incarceration.

Cindy returned to Albert Square this week to discover Peter (Thomas Law), who had switched France for England to attempt to find Gina and Anna, his sisters, after earlier being informed that she did not need to continue living as Rose.

Cindy, who was fully ignorant that her family was now residing at the Queen Vic, stumbled upon George (Colin Salmon) after encountering Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) when she returned to Walford.

Cindy made an effort to get in touch with Gina and Anna (Image: BBC)

This provoked a conversation between the former couple in which Cindy revealed her reasons for leaving the family in 2014. The day after Lucy Beale was slain, Cindy left Spain and arrived in England, as shown through a flashback scene.

Her police handler Mary pulled Cindy away and into her car when she arrived in Walford with the aim of visiting Peter (as portrayed at the time by Ben Hardy).

Cindy was only a liar in Gina’s eyes, according to a BBC image.

Cindy was informed by Mary that since she jeopardized her safety, she was unable to return to the Knight family because doing so may put their safety in jeopardy as well.

Cindy sat down with Gina and Anna in tonight’s (August 30) episode of the BBC One soap opera (which is already available on BBC iPlayer) to attempt to explain her background and the reason she left them.

Gina and Anna found it difficult to believe Cindy’s account. Gina was certain that her mother is just a compulsive liar, while Anna was still deeply wounded that Cindy never returned her voicemails or texts.

George hurried over to attempt to assist (Image: BBC).

The siblings went to a party to divert their attention, and Gina went to Peggy’s to get some drugs while Anna sought solace in kissing Freddie (Bobby Brazier).

Bernie (Clair Norris) and Felix (Matthew Morrison), watching Gina stagger around, realized she was “high as hell.”
George and Cindy showed up just in time for her to fall to the ground.

Cindy paused on the steps in shock at seeing her daughter Gina in such a horrible condition, while George moved quickly to place Gina in the recovery position.

Will she survive, though?

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