As he celebrates the “epic” return of Fatboy, Ricky Norwood pays emotional homage to his late EastEnders co-star.

This week, Fatboy unexpectedly made a comeback (Image: BBC).

After temporarily returning to the world of EastEnders, Ricky Norwood has paid tribute to the late June Brown.

In the BBC One soap opera Fatboy, who unexpectedly made a comeback from the grave during yesterday’s (August 29) episode, the actor is most known for his performance.

The narrative for Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) and the sequel were related. Cindy sat down and discussed her history after running with George Knight (Colin Salmon), explaining that she had been living as Rose Knight when they were together.

Then, a flashback segment was broadcast, transporting viewers to Spain in 2014 to discover the reason why Cindy left the family.

It was shown that Cindy left Marbella for England the day after Lucy Beale was killed. She was understandably eager to visit Peter (played by Ben Hardy at the time), and she didn’t consider the risk she was taking by traveling all that distance by herself.

After making it to Albert Square, Cindy hid behind some bushes and saw an upset Ian (Adam Woodyatt). Thankfully, Cindy was later located by Mary, her police handler, who quickly put her in a car.

After Lucy passed away, Cindy went back to Walford (Image: BBC).

Cindy was informed by Mary that the possibility of being discovered by the group she is trying to avoid prevented her from visiting the Knight family again.

Fatboy interrupted their conversation and addressed them via the automobile window.

He rambled on for a bit in true Fatboy way when all he really needed to know was the time. The adored persona suddenly vanished, leaving fans speechless upon his reappearance.

Dot and Fatboy were close friends (Image: BBC).

Only a few months later, Fatboy was finally killed off in a grim Christmas scenario, with Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) seeing the character’s death after it had been crushed in a car’s trunk.

Some viewers think Fatboy might come back later because we didn’t actually see the body, but for now, this little scene is more than adequate.

Ricky Norwood posted on Twitter in honor of his brief comeback:

Guess who is back!? Even for just a second…What a thrilling episode and huge plot to be a part of @missmcollins. Much appreciation to Chris Clenshaw for making it possible! The @bbceastenders staff for maintaining the secrecy so well.

The show’s Dot Cotton was portrayed by June Brown, and Ricky then paid respect to her.
Fans may recall that Fatboy and Dot became close friends and that he frequently referred to Dot as “Mrs. B.”

Ricky wrote, “Just wish Mrs. B could have been there.”

We agree.

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