Coronation./ Street.s Alan Halsall reveals danger for Hope and Ruby amid ambulance dash

When Hope discovers Cassie unconscious, Tyrone is frightened (ITV image).

In forthcoming scenes, Hope and Ruby Dobbs (Isabella Flanagan and Billie Naylor) will return to Coronation Street, and it won’t be long until they find themselves at the center of the turmoil.

While the girls were visiting Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) in Norwich, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) recently let mom Cassie (Claire Sweeney) to move in with him.

Alan Halsall, the actor, has said that Tyrone worries about Cassie being around the youngsters now that his daughters are returning.

He is currently a single parent because Fiz is gone. And it’s clear that he’s letting this stranger—whom no one really knows well—be around the girls just because she’s his biological mother. And he truly does give that a lot of thought.

But since he wants it so much to succeed—he just wants to have his mother nearby and for her to be a good Nan to the kids—he brushes over so many things.

Alan stated that Tyrone prefers to trust his mother when she claims she is clean, despite Evelyn’s cautions, even though Evelyn has made it apparent that she believes Cassie is still using.

He is making a sincere effort to have an open heart and mind. But he also has Evelyn’s caution and guidance in the back of his mind, so he is always a little curious, even if he wants it to succeed.

I believe that is the issue; it is less about what he believes than what he desires. He is prepared to ignore things because he kind of needs it or wants it to work so much, and he truly wants it to work more than anything.

Cassie is discovered unconscious (ITV image).

In spite of Tyrone’s expectations that Cassie is speaking the truth, Hope is expected to discover Cassie comatose after a heroin overdose in subsequent scenes, forcing Tyrone to summon an ambulance.

Tyrone is sad for a variety of reasons, Alan said. “Everyone is scared because his mother is on the floor, collapsed, and in need of an ambulance.” Although he is attempting to protect Hope and what she has witnessed, he is not quite sure what is happening.

He also feels abandoned and deceived by his mother, who had assured him that everything will turn out okay.

It’s a true flurry of emotions, and Tyrone is so taken aback by it all because he likely imagined something similar might occur even in the back of his mind. He also desperately wanted to think that he wouldn’t.

His top priority is Hope, and he worries about what she has witnessed and how she has handled it.

He finds it difficult to comprehend why she has resumed drug use. He is baffled as to why she returned to using drugs despite having discovered him and having a better life overall. He doesn’t really comprehend drug misuse, so of course Evelyn was attempting to explain it to him.

Will Cassie recover completely? What would Tyrone think when he finds out that she lied to him about being clean?

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