Coronation ./Street spoilers: Lauren arrested for explosion of violence after her plan for Max fails

Lauren observes (Image from ITV)

Soon on Coronation Street, Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) lets her jealously get the best of her once more, but this time it might have long-lasting effects since the police are coming to Weatherfield in search of her.

Lauren has fought with Max’s (Paddy Bever’s) desire to remain her friend rather than her girlfriend ever since she returned. Max has love for Sabrina, who is Gav’s (Noah Olaoye) sister, in addition to the fact that Lauren serves as a reminder of his time spent in Griff’s (Michael Condron) extreme group.

Up next, Max deceives Lauren into believing he spends the entire day at college before meeting Sabrina at the precinct.

Unbeknownst to Max, Lauren keeps an eye on him from a distance. Later, she makes out with Max in an effort to rile up Sabrina.

Lauren’s emotions take over after a disagreement with Sabrina and Max, and she destroys the salon in a fit of wrath.

David (Jack P Shepherd) informs Max that if he isn’t going to college, he may work at the salon instead after learning that he has been missing classes.

Lauren is having trouble controlling her resentment (ITV picture).

Max enters the salon by himself and finds it to be a complete disaster.

Lauren helps Max clean up after she confesses that she damaged the property out of rage and is moved when he offers to stand in for her.

However, a policeman shows up back at the cafe and declares that Lauren will be detained on suspicion of inflicting criminal damage.

What happens to Lauren now?

Will she be imprisoned or is there a chance she may be saved?

Cait Fitton remarked, “Lauren is a ticking time bomb; she will build things up because she has no one to release to.”

When Lauren returned, she was astounded to learn that Max had been spending time with Sabrina. Since she plainly didn’t have her dad, mother, or friends, Max was basically all she had. Without them, she wouldn’t have anybody to vent her fears or concerns to.

It’s only a matter of time before she bursts because of the way she builds things up.

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