Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Spoilers, for Coronation Street: Teen arrested, horror collapse, and Gemma unwell

Spoilers, for Coronation Street: Teen arrested, horror collapse, and Gemma unwell

A hectic week on the cobbles saw confessions, arrests, and conundrums. (Image from ITV)

The health of numerous Coronation Street characters is in danger in the next episodes as Chesney Brown’s (Sam Aston) concerns for Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) grow and Cassie Plummer’s (Claire Sweeney) life is in danger.

Despite Tyrone Dobbs’ (Alan Halsall) best efforts to help Cassie adjust to her new life in Weatherfield, her addiction still consumes her.

She receives a new job and a lot of support, but Dean, a drug dealer, continues to be a pain in her side. This causes her to steal from her house and place of employment before fainting from an overdose and being brought to the hospital.

She then proceeds to tell tales about her background, which only helps to cause a further rift between Tyrone and Evelyn (Maureen Lipman), bringing even more sadness to Tyrone’s door.

In another scene, Gemma is in crisis mode following Henry Newton’s (George Banks) passionate declaration of undying love.

She is also juggling a lot since she is attempting to help her dying brother Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) while also caring for the quads.
It appears that Chesney’s concerns that her sickness could return are well-founded.

Additionally, the kids on Street are in disarray as Max Turner (Paddy Bever) is maybe caught up in a love triangle.

After being rejected by him, Lauren (Cait Fitton) becomes furious and destroys the salon, which prompts David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) to issue a warning to his son.

Who will have burned fingers?

4 September, Monday

Cassie’s performance at her new work is lacking (ITV image)

Tyrone expresses gratitude to Kevin for giving Cassie a chance when she arrives at the garage for her first day of work. Dean, though, approaches as Cassie scrubs the forecourt and demands money for drugs.

By the end of the day, Cassie pledges to pay him and hisses at him to go. Abi questions what is going on after recognizing Dean from her own drug-using days.

Then, when Cassie pretended to be waiting for a client when she declined to go for lunch, inquisitive Abi nipped behind and saw Cassie taking herself to the petty cash. Cassie begs Abi not to speak as Tyrone and Evelyn enter.

Gemma is enticed to a hotel bar by Henry under the pretense of a business meeting. He insists on buying her a drink and says there will be no meeting since he lost his job, but he still really loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Ronnie admits to Debbie that he tripped up and told Henry Newton he was aware of the Waterfords sale even before it was made public. Debbie reassures him not to worry by erasing the contract image from her phone.

David beams as he sees Max go for his first day of college. Daisy cautions Jenny not to squander her money on Stephen after learning that Jenny is giving him a vacation.

on September 6th, Wednesday

Lauren’s resentment of Max and Sabrina is at its peak (ITV photo).

Cassie volunteers to go into town and pick up Ruby’s new boots as Tyrone is having trouble getting them in time for her party. With reluctance, Tyrone delivers her £80, much to Evelyn’s surprise.

Cassie takes six of the drugs Dean recently sold her when they first met on a street corner. As Jack and Ruby’s party begins, Tyrone casts a quick peek at the door in an effort to lure Cassie inside and disprove Evelyn.

Abi is compelled to corroborate that Dean is a drug dealer to whom Cassie owed money and that she caught her attempting to take the petty cash when Michael reveals how he observed a man roughing up Cassie last week.

Tyrone is appalled as they search the streets for Cassie. They summon an ambulance when Hope cries that she discovered the woman sprawled on the ground, obviously having overdosed.

Prior to seeing Sabrina at the station, Max tells Lauren he has been attending college all day. Lauren, dejected, observes from a distance. Gav tells Max to quit playing around and ask Sabrina out since it’s evident he likes her as Sabrina leaves.

Ronnie and Debbie talk business but are ready to make a blunder (ITV image)

Back in the café, Lauren makes out that she and Max are having a relationship in an effort to rile up Sabrina. Sabrina is reassured by Max that this is untrue. Lauren is alone in the salon when she loses her temper and wrecks the space.

Ronnie hands Ed his personal bank card for the company account. Ed accepts the card while trying to hide his uneasiness.

Bernie offers to help with the expenses, but Gemma declines, saying that she is to blame for their predicament. Chesney worries that the stress would cause her to become unwell once more.

September 7th, Thursday

This is embarrassing beyond words (Image: ITV)

Cassie is advised by Abi to join her at the support group since that is the only way she will ever be able to quit using. Tyrone struggles to say no when Cassie begs him to go with her.

Cassie makes up stories in the support group about how her mother ejected her, she went into prostitution, and she became addicted to narcotics. Tyrone listens while grieving within.

A furious Tyrone declares that he detests Evelyn for abandoning her own daughter and that he plans to fight with her.

Max is given the boot by David, who informs him that because he won’t attend college, he may begin working as an apprentice hairdresser. Max enters the salon by himself and looks horrified by the chaos. Lauren acknowledges that during a rage, she wrecked the place.

Max tells Lauren to go and assures her that he will cover for her after they have done their best to tidy up the salon.

However, when David and Maria notice the cracked mirror, they insist that Max explain what happened. Lauren apologizes to Roy for missing her shift in the café. But a policeman interrupts them and says he’s going to take her into custody on charges of inflicting criminal mischief. Lauren’s mood dims.

Eliza is eager to see the movies with her father, but when she comes home from school in tears and tells Stu that she started her period in the middle of physical activity and that she doesn’t want to meet her father, Stu gives her a big bear embrace.

Aadi is conflicted when Courtney suggests an afternoon fling and explains that he has a meeting with Darren and Dev. Attending the meeting, Aadi wishes the ground would swallow him up as Darren starts questioning him about his love life.

In order to prevent Aggie from finding out, Ronnie informs Ed that he has deposited half of the share money into his personal account. He can trust him, according to Ed.

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