Spoilers for Emmerdale: a worried Amelia makes a significant choice

Amelia is honest with Noah about a significant choice. (Image from ITV)

When the judge announced that Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell’s) father would serve eight years in jail, her entire world fell apart. Her way of life is destroyed, and things will soon get significantly worse in Emmerdale.

The young mother frantically attempted to put on a brave front and sought to maintain as much normalcy for baby Esther.

Amelia immediately assumed she and Esther would be okay after Dan’s (Liam Fox) incredibly severe sentence.

Her fortitude was put to the test, however, by two women: Claudette (Flo Wilson), who pushed her way into Amelia’s life without asking and broke her father’s special mug in the process; and Sam (James Hooton), who instilled in her the dread of God that her dad would be beaten up in prison.

However, after a brief talk with Charles (Kevin Mathurin), Amelia let her guard down and acknowledged she was struggling. She was able to raise her spirits when the reverend gave her some sage advice while also thinking about her future.

However, things are not turning out the way she had wanted. She had expected for her and Esther to continue as usual.

Amelia has reached her breaking point, which calls for significant changes.

She’s taken a step forward by being willing to accept assistance, but there’s a crucial choice she needs to make that she’s been hiding from Noah.

She becomes overwhelmed by her loneliness anxiousness and realizes she must leave the cabin.

When she informs Noah, how will he respond? Will he relocate in her and Esther’s home?

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