Struggling After Victor’s passing, Charles Anderson packs his things and departs from Emmerdale.

Charles intends to leave the community (ITV image).

In subsequent episodes, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), another long-running Emmerdale character, will bid the community farewell as he packs his belongings and bids his family farewell.

After the shocking passing of Charles’s father, Victor (Eddie Osei), comes the departure.

Charles was enraged because his mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) had reestablished her relationship with Victor.

Victor’s illegal behavior, which finally resulted in a 25-year jail sentence, had ruined Charles’s upbringing and occasionally made Claudette’s life intolerable.

Charles is still having trouble accepting the fact that at one point, Victor’s criminal accomplices had been holding Claudette captive.

When Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) accused her husband of taking the necklace that Rishi presented to her, Claudette’s resolve to forget over her husband’s prior transgressions was put to the test.

When Claudette discovered the necklace in Victor’s pocket and he fled the scene before the police could arrive, Manpreet’s claims appeared to be true.

Charles prepares his stuff for departure. (Image from ITV)

In response to all of this, Flo Wilson described Claudette’s feelings as “I think her heart’s crushed.” “She knows he’s sick, and she thought this would be their one opportunity to simply be together, and she just can’t believe that he’s ruined it again for something so foolish,” the author says.

When Charles learned that his father had passed away while he was in the chapel, he was devastated. Knowing that he had put the jewelry in Victor’s pocket made the situation much more horrifying. Victor was someone Victor had intended to get rid of, but not by killing him.

Charles was inconsolable at what he had done. Victor had a brain aneurysm, but Charles’s actions may have accelerated his demise and caused him to pass away alone, without Claudette by his side.

In the days that follow, his sorrow about his part in his father’s murder overcomes him since he can’t bear to tell Claudette the truth.

So, pleased to be leaving the hamlet behind him for the time being, he packs his belongings and embarks on a retreat.

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