Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Yet another./ Emmerdale exit as major character is found dead in big twist

Yet another./ Emmerdale exit as major character is found dead in big twist

Victor has just recently been released from prison (Image: ITV).

After an altercation with Charles (Kevin Mathurin) in Emmerdale, Victor Anderson (Essie Osei) has passed away.

The new person is Claudette’s (Flo Wilson) ex-husband and Charles’s father. He moved to the village a few months ago after doing time for assaulting a security officer and using a shotgun to try to steal a building society.

Trying to determine whether Victor was truly a changed guy was the central topic of his narrative. He was able to persuade Claudette, Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), and Naomi (Karene Peter) of his desire to be a better person, but Charles thought it was all a ruse.

Charles left the town on Tuesday’s (August 29) episode of the ITV soap, his relationship with Manpreet still somewhat tense due to his continued rage at Claudette and Victor’s reunion.

The jewelry that had belonged to Rishi (Bhasker Patel) was then requested to be returned by Jai (Chris Bisson), who subsequently showed up.

It soon became evident that it had vanished, and Victor was immediately blamed.

Victor asserted his innocence. (Image from ITV)

Victor was being protected by Claudette when she discovered the piece of jewelry while examining his pockets.

Victor had fled while Manpreet, Claudette, and Charles, who had just arrived, talked with PC Swirling.

Charles decided to investigate the church in the hamlet while looking for his father, and there he discovered Victor sitting on a chair.

Victor was doing something wrong, Charles was confident of it. (Image from ITV)

Victor was initially mistaken for being asleep, but when Charles touched Victor’s shoulder, he realized that Victor had passed away.

Victor had an unruptured cerebral aneurysm, which may have contributed to his demise. However, did he pass away a guilty man for stealing the watch, or was he set up?

After several other characters have left the program, Victor passes away. We have bid farewell to both stalker Lloyd and Rishi Sharma, who passed away after falling down the stairs and being assaulted by Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), respectively.

Dan’s departure was recently shown on television, and David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) will also be leaving the Dales in the near future.

Not only that, but we are also bidding farewell to the show’s executive producer Jane Hudson, and fresh images suggest that Chloe Harris’ (Jessie Elland) swan song sequences may broadcast shortly as well.

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