Caleb is driven into a horrific act when he reunites with Cain and the Dingles in Emmerdale, according to previews

Caleb must do a difficult mission (ITV image)

In Emmerdale, Caleb (William Ash) will go to great lengths to make things right with the Dingles, especially with Nate (Jurell Carter) and Cain (Jeff Hordley). Anything. And the Dingles take full, horrifying advantage when they perceive his despair.

Nate was drawn into the criminal underworld as a result of Cain uncovering the driving company, and Caleb has had to work hard to undo that harm. Cain did not enjoy having the wool pulled over his eyes once more.

Interestingly, Caleb was able to maintain some goodwill with Cain and even received a picture of their mother, but other than that, things are not looking so bright.

As Nate and Cain continue their conflict, Caleb offers a solution: they divide the driving company between Cain, Nate, and Nicky (Lewis Cope).

Cain isn’t interested, but Nate is. However, there is thawing and Caleb is making progress.

This thawing extends to Caleb, who is – at long last – making progress with the family. It’s time to formally recognize him as a Dingle. But he must first do a nasty assignment.

Caleb must drink from this vessel in order to be admitted into the group.a Welly.

Fans nearly fell ill when they witnessed the waterproof shoes’ final application. Tracy sputtered and choked as she was made to drink something poisonous from it in order to consummate her marriage to Nate.

Caleb must choose between this disgusting chore and being welcomed, even though he is aware that it has obviously not been sterilized. Can he handle it? Or will he decide to leave?

Just let’s hope it’s not the one Sam uses to muck out the pigs.

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