EastEnders spoilers: Stacey kidnapped captive, Stacey giving birth in fear, and Cindy’s latest scheme

Next week will bring tears and agony (Image: BBC).

The Slater family faces two crises in the next EastEnders episode as mother Stacey (Lacey Turner) is being kept prisoner in the kitchen and 13-year-old Lily (Lillia Turner) goes into labor.

When it becomes apparent that the baby would have to be born at home, the situation for terrified teenager Lily gets worse.

Jean (Gillian Wright), who is present to offer assistance, is unsure of Stacey’s whereabouts. They are unaware of the danger she is facing.

Theo (William Ellis), Stacey’s psychotic stalker, has closed in and won’t let her leave the room now that she is aware of the truth about him.

In the meantime, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is experiencing new suffering as Lexi’s first day of secondary school approaches. This is a day that causes genuine feeling.

Ben drowns his sorrows as a result of its effects, and his health is in danger of getting worse.

Additionally, Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry), a vicious businessman, must be faced head-to-head with Cindy (Michelle Collins) in order for Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) to obtain a business opportunity for her.

4 September, Monday

Theo is attacking, and Stacey is terrified (Image: BBC).

As he celebrates his new job with Stacey at No. 31, Theo is confident he can further their relationship. When Eve and Martin discover more about Theo and discover that he is Stacey’s stalker, they are appalled.

Theo intercepts Martin’s warning texts on Stacey’s phone while she attends to Lily, who isn’t feeling well. As Lily’s waters begin to break, Theo realizes his time is up and conceals Stacey’s phone before spilling the beans. Fear then grips Stacey as she attempts to find a method to get Theo out of the home.

Lily is in full-blown labor when Jean arrives, and as the ambulance is running late, the two get ready to assist Lily in giving birth at home.

Stacey is startled to find an angry Theo inside the house as she goes to the kitchen to get some towels.

Gina humiliates Cindy at The Vic while making restitution. Freddie battles his guilt over Anna, but it’s obvious that they have chemistry. Later, after confiding in Alfie, Freddie is persuaded to keep it a secret for Bobby’s benefit.

Meanwhile, Ben and Lexi are having a difficult time as they get ready for her first day of high school.

September 5th, Tuesday

Ben and Lexi are having a difficult day (Image: BBC).

While an unaware Jean tries to help Lily through childbirth, Stacey is still imprisoned in the kitchen of No. 31.

Ben goes to The Vic to drown his sorrows but Callum calls him back to the house to console Lexi. As Lexi starts to grow enthusiastic about her first day of school, Ben pushes her to be more open. Callum worries later, but Ben says everything is OK.

Jack becomes upset when Ricky says he’s switching his last name from Mitchell to Branning in another scene.

After Cindy’s encounter at The Vic, Ian comforts her and makes a business commitment to win Gina and Anna over. Rocky doesn’t buy it when Peter later convinces Ian to attempt to make peace with Kathy. When Ian has an idea for a new strategy when he is in the café and realizes it would require money, he asks Nish to lunch.

on September 6th, Wednesday

Unable to have his way, Ian (Image: BBC)

Suki and Nish join Ian for a business lunch, but things don’t go as planned, and soon any prospective transaction is off the table. Later, Cindy goes to No. 41 to get Nish to change his mind.

Peter tries to make apologies with Gina and Anna at The Albert, where they are surprised to hear that he was unaware of their existence. Later, Peter tries to reconcile Bobby and Anna, but Freddie immediately offers an explanation and withdraws, plagued by regret over having slept with Anna.

Reiss feels threatened by the scenario as she and Sonia go to their first fertility appointment.

September 7th, Thursday

Fearing that he may depart, Freddie Bobby is inconsolable (Image: BBC).

In order to further his business arrangement with Nish, Ian invites him to the café for a sampler menu. However, without a strategy, Ian enlists the assistance of Alfie. Nish rearranges, and Alfie and Ian discuss his present insecurities in private.

Alfie discusses his worries about Bobby and Anna’s developing romance before disclosing all about her one-night fling with Freddie.

Ian promises to keep it a secret, but after George insults him in front of Nish at The Vic, he tells Bobby and Cindy the information without realizing Nish is watching.

After a run-in with Karen in the laundromat, Reiss is furious when news of his fertility spreads around the community. Later, Sonia consoles Reiss and tells him that he will be a great father.

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