Paddy Bever of Coronation Street discusses his age, past jobs, and “vacation jollies” with his co-star.

Since 2021, Paddy Bever has been a cast member of Corrie (Image: Rex Shutterstock).

Since assuming the character of Max Turner in 2021, Coronation Street actor Paddy Bever has taken on some challenging storylines.

The unstable character, who is the son of the late Kylie Platt and Callum Logan, has been attempting to mend his ways ever since he was trained by the fanatical right-wing gang of the villainous Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron),

The reappearance of Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), his ex-girlfriend from when he was in the group, has complicated matters, though, and is generating friction between him and Sabrina Adetiba (Louana Santos).

While things may be tense between Max and Lauren onscreen, Paddy has recently talked up about his personal connection with Cait Fitton away from the cobblestones, earning him a National Television Award for Rising Star in October. While things may be tense between Max and Lauren onscreen, Cait Fitton and Paddy have a close bond off the set.

What you need to know about the rising talent is provided here.

Paddy Bever, who is he?

The 20-year-old Paddy previously performed in the Cheadle Hulme Players Youth Theatre and studied acting at the Manchester School of Acting.

He disclosed that he attended the role’s audition in the midst of his examinations.

He previously stated, “I had an A-level the next day, so I took the decision not to revise for the A-level and focus on the tape.”

‘After a month of silence, I assumed I hadn’t received the job until I received a call for a screen test, which was quite thrilling. I was extremely anxious, yet as soon as I arrived, I was overcome by how kind everyone was.

“I had a screen test with Jack Shepherd [David], and a week later I learned I had been cast, which was incredible.”

It all turned out okay in the end since I also managed to get an A in the A-level I didn’t review for.

What other roles has Paddy played?
His first acting gig was as Max Turner in Coronation Street, where Paddy replaced Harry McDermott from 2010 until 2020.

When he received the 2022 National TV Award for Rising Star, he said he was “overjoyed” and added: “Before I got this award, I had a touch of impostor syndrome.”

At the 2022 Inside Soap Awards, Paddy was a member of the group that took home the Best Family trophy (Photo: Getty Images).)

What if I don’t deserve all of these great narratives, I wondered while I was receiving them. And I believe that’s what made it such a sentimental occasion.

When Weatherfield’s Platt family won Best Family at the Inside Soap Awards the previous year, he experienced yet another victory.

About his friendship with Cait Fitton, what has he said?
Off-screen, Paddy and Cait are quite close. They just had a vacation together to Tenerife before Cait returned to the streets as Lauren.

It’s time for our jollies bby @paddynever, Cait captioned a photo she posted from the airport at the time on Instagram. She also posted more pictures of the couple having fun while traveling.

Cait revealed she had earned a first class honors degree after months of study, and Paddy expressed his support for her when she graduated with the highest grade possible (Image: Instagram/Paddy Bever).

“This woman just graduated with a first,” I said. I am so happy for you. I appreciate you being the best buddy ever, he said.

Speaking candidly about their connection, Paddy has stated: “We simply really got on from the moment we met.”

Cait has made a comeback to the serial opera as Lauren, Max’s previous girlfriend (ITV).

“I have previously worked with other young people on the show, but I had never worked closely with other people my age,” Cait said. “With Cait, we are the same age and we had a storyline together, which was something that I’d never experienced.”

On Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on ITV, Coronation Street will continue.

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