Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Paddy Bever of Coronation Street discusses how he and co-star Cait Fitton grew so close.

Paddy Bever of Coronation Street discusses how he and co-star Cait Fitton grew so close.

Lauren and Max chat in Victoria Garden in Corrie
Working with Cait Fitton is fun for Paddy Bever (Image: ITV).

The actor who plays Max Turner on Coronation Street has revealed that relationships behind the scenes are much smoother as he and co-star Cait Fitton have a “great time” working together. Max Turner (Paddy Bever) is currently trying to deal with the unpredictable behavior of former girlfriend Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) on the show.

When her character moved away from Weatherfield to escape her father’s right-wing influence, Cait departed the program. Cait had first joined Corrie as part of the plot that saw Max getting drawn into extremist activities.

Only one month later, it was revealed that Lauren would be making a comeback. Paddy Bever, Lauren’s co-star, was very happy to hear this news. The two actresses are quite close, and when Cait was gone from the show, they even went on vacation to Tenerife together. They shared pictures of their trip on Instagram.

Paddy was also the first to congratulate Cait on her recent first-class university graduation.

“This woman just graduated with a first,” I said. I am so happy for you. I appreciate you being the best buddy ever,’ he said on Instagram.

Paddy informed us that Cait is his favorite coworker.

We simply really clicked from the moment we met, he remarked. I have previously worked on the show with other young people, but I had never worked closely with others my age. This isn’t a bad thing because I love my on-screen family and everyone I’ve worked with, but with Cait, we are the same age and we had a storyline together, which was something I’d never experienced. This brought us very close together, and when I learned Cait was returning, I was obviously overjoyed. Since then, we’ve been having a blast.

He talked about how Max feels responsible for Lauren even if she appears poised to ruin his relationship with Sabrina (Luana Santos).

He said, “I suppose when we last saw Lauren she had her dad and the gang who, regrettably, she’d built a dependent on. Whereas this time when she returned, particularly when she was living with Max, she had become a part of his family because Lauren had been adopted.

“He does feel responsible for her because he feels so deeply about her and she doesn’t have anybody else,” says the actor Scott Anson. “Especially after Reece’s (Scott Anson) sentencing, she’s found herself on her own, and Max is the closest person to her.”

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