Emmerdale ..spoilers: Belle fears sex betrayal between Tom and married Dawn

Belle develops misgivings about Tom and Dawn (ITV image).

Could Dawn (Olivia Bromley) also be keeping a damaging secret in Emmerdale given the lingering effects of Billy’s (Jay Kontzle) kiss with Gabby (Rosie Bentham)? Belle (Eden Taylor Draper) is prepared to level a charge that might end their union.

Tom (James Chase) and Belle’s relationship had a tough beginning due to his discovery of her mental health concerns, but after working through the obstacles, they are ready to face new challenges.

Insecurity and jealousy—two factors that might end a relationship—come into play.

Hearing Tom declare he wants to move away from the community is the first source of concern for Belle. Why would he want to be farther apart from her when she is already filled with dread over what this implies?

The fact that her lover no longer desires to be close by is not a good indicator. Could he be keeping a girlfriend a secret that he wants to keep a secret?

She sees a spark between Dawn and Tom, which causes her worry to increase. When Tom arrives outside the veterinarian’s office in his posh new automobile and offers to take Dawn for a ride right away, Belle becomes irritated, which heightens the worry.

Belle is positive that she has noticed some unsettling behavior here. Have they just left to give his new automobile an x-rated christening?

Dawn recognizes Belle’s resentment (or is it guilt? ), and she makes amends by subsequently inviting both Belle and Tom on a double date. Despite her good intentions, however, the situation spirals out of control, and Belle storms off in a fury.

Tom hears a vet scream out, but rather of solving the issue, he uses it as an excuse to flee. Is Belle correct that everything feels a bit suss?

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