Sally Dynevor, a star of Coronation Street, is overjoyed that her daughter has been placed in the same series as her famous sister Phoebe.

Hattie, Sally’s kid, is imitating her sister. Image courtesy of Sally Dynevor on Instagram

Coronation Street actor Sally Dynevor expressed her delight over the news that Hattie Dynevor, the younger sister of Phoebe Dynevor, had joined the cast of the well-known BBC drama Waterloo Road.

Recently, it was revealed that the BBC had ordered two more seasons of the program, with a third currently in production and scheduled to premiere in 2019.

Following in the footsteps of her real-life elder sister Phoebe, who started her career in Waterloo Road, Hattie will play the part of Libby Guthrie.

Between 2009 and 2010, Phoebe portrayed the part of Siobhan Mailey before subsequently joining the Bridgerton company.

Sally, who has portrayed Sally Metcalfe on Coronation Street since 1986, posted a photo from the Waterloo Road series 14 readthrough to Instagram to express her joy at her daughter’s new job.

The image displayed a card containing Hattie’s name, her character’s name, and her Waterloo Road screenplay.

Sally commented, “So happy for this,” and also included her kid in the post.

As Libby Guthrie, Hattie plays the lead role (Image credit: BBC/Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/Helen Williams).

This is not the first time Sally has shown her joy about Hattie’s new job; she previously posted a picture of her daughter in character to Instagram.

I’m very happy to see Hattie Dynevor as Libby Guthrie in Waterloo Road. Such an incredible cast and team,” she wrote.
According to a source who spoke to The Sun recently, “Hattie getting a part on Waterloo Road sees the Dynevors become a true acting dynasty.”

The BBC school drama’s upcoming second season will include Hattie in addition to Zak Sutcliffe as Schumacher Weever, Maisey Robinson as Portia Weever, Tillie Armartey as Stacey “Stace” Neville, and Aabay Ali as Mollie “Mog” Richardson.

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