Samia Longchambon of Coronation Street has a horrible trip filled with robbery, a tornado, and sickness.

Samia Longchambon from Coronation Street talked about a recent family vacation and revealed to her fans that it definitely didn’t go as planned.

The Maria Connor actress relocated from England to Mallorca in order to spend a few relaxing weeks sunbathing with her loved ones.

She recently recounted a number of occurrences that happened while the family was abroad and had an influence on their vacation time in an Instagram post.

Samia stated that the family experienced airline delays there and returning, had a bank card stolen, was caught in a tornado, and had a rough start to the trip while showing off a range of photos.

Our trip to Mallorca, she claimed, “had airplane delays (going and coming), a stolen bank card, a tornado, and a bit of a bug during the first few days.”

Samia was quick to note that despite the difficulties, the family still enjoyed themselves.

“We were able to travel there and back safely, I was able to get my stolen money returned from my bank, we kept safe during the storm, and we got to spend time in the sun, meet friends, and eat delicious cuisine. #YinandYang,” she continued. I’d rather be at home right now than anywhere else!

Samia has played Maria on screen for more than 20 years (ITV).

I am aware that I could have just said, “Holidays have been fantastic, which they undoubtedly are, but I feel like we see enough of people ‘living their best life’ on here without occasionally exposing the truth.I hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation, and my condolences go out to those whose flights were delayed. I am with you.

Samia received appreciation from her followers for sharing a sincere overview of her vacation, with many noting that it is preferable to present the truth than to make another misleading social media update.

Fantastic truth post, many thanks! I am similar to… Long delays, a mosquito bite illness that slipped off the pedalo and gave me the biggest bruise of my life, and my mom passing out on the plane as we were flying home… Still, we enjoyed ourselves with family!” remarked one enthusiast.

“Being authentic is what important and what you have always been,” another person commented. I’m glad you had a pleasant time with the family and that the finances and flights worked out. It’s good to be safely back.

Samia recently marked the seventh wedding anniversary of her and Sylvain Longchambon by posting a heartfelt message on her social media accounts.

On Dancing on Ice, the couple first connected in 2013. They later got married in 2016. Samia is the mother of two kids: Yves Joseph, who is Sylvain’s son, and Freya, who she had with her ex-husband Matt Smith.

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