Stephanie Davis, a cast member of Coronation Street, cautions viewers of a major Courtney twist.

Courtney’s future seems promising, according to Stephanie (ITV).

Stephanie Davis, who plays Courtney Vance on Coronation Street, has cautioned fans that they are not prepared for what is more to come for her character. She teases an exciting few weeks.

When Courtney initially came on the cobblestones, she was the wife of businessman Darren (Ryan Early), but young entrepreneur Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) immediately captured her interest.

The fact that Aadi is now Darren’s assistant makes things a little awkward, but the two were fast to start a torrid relationship.

When Aadi has to forgo an afternoon of fun with Courtney in favor of a business meeting with Darren and Dev (Jimmi Harkishin), things are about to become tricky for him.

Aadi finds himself in a challenging situation when Darren starts grilling him about his romantic history.

However, Stephanie Davis, an actress, has hinted that Courtney will have a busy few weeks.

For Courtney, there is so much more to come! (Image via Stephanie Davis’ Instagram)

Stephanie shared a photo from behind the scenes at Coronation Street on her Instagram story, showcasing her most recent outfit and wrote, “Nice comfy tracksuit for Courtney today.”

She then asked supporters if they were ready and added an emoji of a face peering out from behind its hands to further tease us all, saying there is “so much coming up in the next few weeks.”

Stephanie is having a great time at Corrie (Image: Stephanie Davis on Instagram).

Stephanie has obviously been enjoying herself in her new position since she also posted a photo of herself after work, gushing about her “great day filming.”

Since she confessed she needed therapy for an injury, Stephanie’s life outside of work has been extremely dramatic.
The former Hollyoaks actress revealed that her ankle was fully swelled as a result of the accident and that she had been unable to lift it.

She visited the hospital, where she was given crutches to assist her walk before being discharged.

She praised her admirers for their encouraging remarks and expressed gratitude that nothing was damaged, only severely bruised.

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