Sue Cleaver of Coronation Street underwent emergency surgery and was sent to critical care in a “scary period.”

Sue Cleaver smiling as she appears on This Morning
A recent weight loss hoax targeted the actress. (Image: Shutterstock/ITV)

Sue Cleaver, a stalwart of Coronation Street, has spoken out about her recent hospitalization, which included being transported to the intensive care unit.

The 59-year-old Eileen Grimshaw actor spoke out on ITV’s Loose Women about had her hysterectomy in March.

Although it’s unclear whether her stay in critical care was related to having her hysterectomy, she said that she had a “very horrible year” and was “really unwell” a few weeks ago.

“In March, I underwent a hysterectomy. I won’t go into details, but a few weeks later I found myself in A&E. I haven’t been on a diet this year. She confessed, “I have been severely.

“It was a terrifying period.” After my operation, I spent time in critical care. Diets and gummy bears don’t exist. These businesses frequently provide prayers to the weak.

Sue created the “gummies” phrase because she was the subject of con artists peddling diet gummies.

She clarified the situation in a video she shared with her 174,000 Instagram followers, making it quite clear that she does not support the usage of “ketone gummies.”

Gail Platt and Eileen often engage in conflict (ITV image)

The actress admitted that she was “very unhappy” to have to do the video but that it was necessary since she had been featured in an advertisement made by the fraudsters and had gotten several messages asking her about the gummies she had taken to aid in her weight loss.

Sue’s character on Coronation Street recently had difficulties when partner George (Tony Maudsley) thought she’d be the ideal replacement for Todd (Gareth Pierce) at the funeral home.

Since Todd’s manager at RestEasy offered him a job with more compensation, George and Todd have been at odds.

Todd started in his new position somewhere else, leading George to believe that Eileen would be the best substitute!

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