In a spoiler video for Coronation Street, Cassie pleads for assistance as she endures Evelyn’s anger.

When Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) is discovered with her hands in the petty cash, she is likely to get into trouble with Abi Webster (Sally Carman) in forthcoming Coronation Street scenes.

A new spoiler video depicts the stressful scene in which Cassie is discovered sneaking around in the container, much to the dismay of her boss Abi.

Abi doesn’t want to hear any justifications, so she demands that Cassie return the money and shut the tin. Cassie is quick to respond that he can explain.

Then Abi says that she thought Cassie may do something, causing Cassie to question if her feelings about second chances were sincere.

Abi acknowledged that she knew Dean, the dealer who had been badgering Cassie for money, and said she understood precisely why she needed the money because she had once been in Cassie’s position.

Cassie needed the cash to reimburse Dean (Image: ITV).

Even though Cassie made an effort to act innocent, Abi insisted that she reveal the truth about her previous encounters with the dealer.

Tyrone and Evelyn (Alan Halsall and Maureen Lipman), who were eager to see how she was progressing, arrived as Cassie and Abi were still denying that she had been scoring again.

High-strung Cassie begged Abi not to say anything because she was afraid Evelyn would be furious if she found out what her daughter had been up to.

Thankfully, Tyrone and Evelyn were unaware of the tension as Tyrone explained to Evelyn how hard Cassie had been working.

They exchanged a knowing glance as Evelyn asked Abi if Cassie had been acting like herself.

Will Abi maintain Cassie’s secret a secret, or will she come clean about her theft attempt and put Cassie at Evelyn’s mercy?

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