Coronation Street spoiler video: Horror for Roy Cropper as the police come calling

The last place you’d expect to find criminal activity is Roy’s Rolls, yet the police will show up on Coronation Street the next week to make an arrest.

Thankfully, troubled Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), the most recent lost soul he has taken under his wing, is the one experiencing the long arm of the law rather than our Roy Cropper (David Neilson).

Lauren had destroyed the barbershop after being rejected by the man she was in love with, Max Turner (Paddy Bever), due to her anguish.

Lauren gets frazzled when she arrives late for her duty but assures an unimpressed Roy that it won’t happen again.

She will not be strutting her stuff at all if she is at the police station, therefore she is probably right.

Roy’s expression is one of dejection as the police capture Lauren; what kind of punishment can she expect to receive?

And is Roy still able to help her?

Roy is understandably exasperated (Picture: ITV)

Will he wash his hands of Lauren? (Picture: ITV)

Actress Cait speculated on the reasons for Lauren’s outburst of rage, saying, “Lauren is a ticking time bomb, she will build things up because she has no one to release to.”

When Lauren returned, she was astounded to learn that Max had been spending time with Sabrina.

“Max was really all she had because she clearly doesn’t have her dad or mother around, doesn’t have any friends, and doesn’t have someone she can vent to about her problems or anxieties,” said a friend.

It’s only a matter of time before she bursts because of the way she builds things up.

Although Cait is unsure if Lauren can get over Max picking Sabrina, she believes that Lauren’s actions aren’t always clear-cut.

She said, “Lauren is not a malevolent person, but sometimes the way she handles things can come out as that, but it’s just her being so overwhelmed and so vulnerable.”

There is a significant change in the relationship between Lauren, Sabrina, and Max as Lauren realizes that she needs to pull back because she is now hurting not just Sabrina and Max but also herself.

Then what?

Lauren has a lot of things coming up, but the biggest one is that she will be moving into her own apartment, which is great since it will give her life a more stable foundation, according to Cait.

She really develops a strange bond with Ryan, who then moves into her apartment. In some respects, Lauren and Ryan are quite similar.

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