In a shocking turn of events, EastEnders brings back a third deceased character in one week.

Before Lexi started her first day of high school, Lola wished her well (Image: BBC).

This article includes spoilers for an upcoming BBC One episode of EastEnders that may be seen on BBC iPlayer.

Four months after her passing, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has briefly returned to EastEnders.

After receiving a brain tumor diagnosis, the well-liked figure passed away at the end of May. The sorrowful narrative came to an end with Lola being hugged by Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and Lexi (Isabella Brown) as she passed away peacefully.

Before she passed away, Lola made arrangements to guarantee that Lexi would continue to grow up with her mother still in it.

Lexi sat down with Ben (Max Bowden) to watch a video message from Lola in tonight’s (September 4) episode, who was there to provide guidance before to Lexi’s first day at secondary school.

Lexi was urged by Lola to always do her best and to be kind in her new school. She continued by telling her daughter that she is with her in spirit at every turn and that she adores her very much.

While seeing the video, Ben and Lexi hugged each other (Image: BBC).

Ben, Lexi, and Lola all gave the camera a kiss as the call drew to a close.

Following the resurrection of two other characters from the dead, Lola makes her reappearance on the BBC One soap opera.

After it was discovered that Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who had been living secretly as Rose Knight for 20 years, hadn’t actually passed away, she returned to Walford last week.

Cindy returned to Walford on foot. (Image: BBC)

After finding out about the death of her daughter Lucy Beale in 2014, Cindy cut ties with the Knight family.

She set out for Walford in an effort to see Lucy’s twin Peter (who at the time was portrayed by Ben Hardy), but Mary, her police handler, picked her up.

When Mary and Cindy were in the car, a tap on the window cut short their conversation as Mary explained to Cindy how much risk she had exposed herself to by traveling from Marbella to England.

Fatboy makes a surreal comeback. (Image: BBC)

To everyone’s surprise, Fatboy (Ricky Norwood), who appeared to have been murdered off months earlier, had asked the two women for the time in an innocent manner.

Tonight, Stacey (Lacey Turner) experiences a scary moment when she realizes Theo (William Ellis) is the one who has been pursuing her. This happens as Lily (Lillia Turner) goes into labor.

Lacey Turner said, “It floored Stacey and things soon went from bad to worse.”

She first doesn’t believe it since she finds it difficult to comprehend that he might be capable of doing anything like this. He has been putting on such a show for her for months while genuinely helping her, so he is the last person she would ever suspect.

Stacey doesn’t begin to fear until she realizes how mistaken he is about their connection and that she is in danger.

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