Karen Blick, who plays Lydia in Emmerdale, explains why she chooses to conceal her rape.

Lydia decides not to share her ordeal with anybody (ITV image).

Karen Blick has been describing Lydia’s response to the vicious attack as Emmerdale gears up to show a disturbing plotline in which Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is raped by an old childhood friend Craig Reed (Ben Addis).

In many respects, she noted, “the sequences after, when we see Lydia engaging with Craig, were tougher to film than the ones before and the attack.” “You have all these sensations, but he won’t acknowledge them.” She has self-doubt, and Lydia is in an utterly terrible circumstance.

Lydia takes the decision to keep the rape a secret from everyone. Because so many women do it, Karen added, “that’s essential because the effects may be broad-based for families and for individuals.”

“As soon as I acted out the incidents, I fully saw why she chose not to call the police.” I felt genuine pity, understanding, and empathy for her actions. She feels guilty, humiliated, and responsible since she believes that she caused the predicament to arise, all of which are unfounded feelings.

‘When it happened, Lydia is at work. Craig is made to understand by Lydia that there is no chemistry between them. Craig admits that he feels something for Lydia. She is direct and succinct: “I am married; nothing will occur between us. I cherish Sam and my life. Craig, though, doesn’t hear any of that.

The Emmerdale team extensively collaborated with Rape Crisis UK on this plot, and their suggestions helped to realistically construct Lydia’s tale, particularly her decision to keep the rape a secret.

Karen informed us that Lydia kept the incident to herself mostly to protect her family.

She said that the woman was afraid of being believed and did not want to disturb her family. It’s a big deal, that. When Lydia returns to the Dingles’ after the incident, Sam (James Hooton) and Mandy (Lisa Riley) are present. Considering others, she asks, “What will this do to Sam?” She simply wants it to disappear. “I’ll go on, I’m going to act like this hasn’t occurred, and I’ll carry on with my life.” I totally get her reasoning for making that choice.

She and Mandy are very close, but if she told Mandy something, would Mandy tell Sam? She doesn’t want Sam to be harmed, disturbed, or distressed. What will happen if Cain (Jeff Hordley) finds out knowing the Dingles she does? Will Craig be harassed? Will the Dingles in any manner exact revenge?

As time passes and Lydia tries to keep working for Craig, his actions just make matters worse for her and cause her to lose confidence in herself.

Karen said, “Seeing the culprit who’s denying it even occurred and her version of events, that’s the area where it happened.”

She is being gaslighted, which is making her daily life more difficult and affecting her ability or inability to cope. People won’t trust her because of her shame and self-doubt. That gets worse for Lydia as time goes on. If I’ve waited this long, I’ve lost even more credibility, she is thinking. All of this is blatantly false. It’s all pretty challenging.

Karen believes Lydia could finally speak with Kim. (Image from ITV)

The fact that Lydia didn’t defend herself during the attack because she froze in fear is one of the things that concerns Lydia the most. This, Karen explained, feeds into her guilt but is a typical and entirely normal reaction to trauma.

She believes that in some way she betrayed Sam by allowing Craig to do this. She didn’t, not at all; this was outside of her control. Lydia has a freeze reaction when it occurs, which prevents her from kicking, screaming, fighting, or fleeing. She feels awful about it, but it is a normal response to stressful events. People respond in different ways—they may flee, freeze, flinch, or fawn. Some individuals will fight, while others will just stop and freeze. Lydia goes numb. Your body is defending itself; when threatened, our subconscious intervenes in intricate ways over which we have no control. Don’t move; something bad is about to happen to you.

The actress hopes that going ahead, her character Lydia will be able to confide in someone, even if Lydia is currently keeping what occurred a secret for all the reasons Karen mentioned.

She remarked, “I believe Kim (Claire King) is an easy pick.” Kim undoubtedly has suspicions since she returns to work for Kim the next day and makes an effort to go on, but Kim can tell something is off and attempts to interrogate her. Lydia simply gives up.

Kim offers that separation, but the two ladies also have a long bond and shared history. Kim, in my opinion, would be a reliable source of counsel, direction, and support for Lydia. That’s what she requires.

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