Kim will be./ Lydia’s strongest ally when she informs her that Craig raped her, according to Emmerdale spoilers

Kim will receive a secret from Lydia (ITV image)

After being sexually assaulted by Craig (Ben Addis) in upsetting scenes, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is about to become the focus of a frightening Emmerdale plot.

Craig accidentally entered the hamlet through the recruiting fair, but when he saw Lydia there, he was too overcome to be able to leave. He spent a lot of time attempting to get access to Lydia’s life, forcing her to give him her phone, for example, and then unexpectedly showing up at her house after stealing her address. While these actions initially looked benign, we now realize that they were a total act of manipulation. He almost caused a rift between her and Sam before leaving, but he’s now back.

To Lydia and Sam’s amazement, Craig makes a surprise visit to the village and asks where their son’s ashes were spread. After hesitantly agreeing to accept him, Lydia and Craig commiserate about their losses as Craig muses on what could have been.

As the situation grows tense and an almost-kiss occurs, Lydia begins to worry and worry about her relationship with Sam (James Hooton). She snaps at Kim (Claire King) with this on her mind before ultimately disclosing what’s bugging her. She chooses to give in her notice with Craig but keeps it a secret from Sam.

The next day, as she prepares to do so, he subtly gets her to doubt her decision and confesses his emotions for her. Craig interprets her extremely specific restrictions and assurances that nothing would ever happen as a go-ahead. He coerces Lydia into giving him sexual favors.

Naturally, it will have a terrible impact on Lydia since she is so embarrassed of what happened that she can’t stand to tell anybody. However, Karen Blick, who plays the actress, says that Kim Tate would be Lydia’s one confidante after the crime.

Kim notices her longtime friend’s odd behavior at Home Farm and realizes something is wrong.

Karen described how Kim learns about what happened by saying, “Kim clearly guesses [what happened], since she goes to work for Kim the following day and tries to continue on, but Kim can tell things are not quite right and attempts to interrogate her.” Lydia just stops responding.

As Lydia suffers with emotions of guilt and humiliation over what has been done to her, Karen discloses that Kim is the ideal candidate for help since she provides Lydia with ‘space’ from her family.

In terrifying scenes, Craig will rape Lydia (Image: ITV).

Because she [Lydia] is so close to Mandy, Kim would agree to be away from her family. However, if Kim confided in Mandy, would Mandy inform Sam? Karen disclosed. She doesn’t want Sam to be harmed, disturbed, or distressed.

Despite all Craig has done, she said, Lydia is aware of what might happen if his family found out.

Considering that she is aware of the Dingles, what will happen if Cain learns? She remarked, elaborating on Lydia’s own defenses. Will Craig be followed around? Will the Dingles in any manner exact revenge?

Kim offers Lydia companionship as well as distance due to their extended relationship.

Kim offers that separation, but the two ladies also have a history of friendship, according to Karen. I believe Kim would be a reliable source of counsel, direction, and support for Lydia.

Kim will therefore be responsible for giving Lydia the assistance she needs. Will Kim Tate pull a Kim Tate on rapist Craig given her track record with treating individuals she doesn’t like (Dawn’s ex-Alex, for instance)? Will he die on Home Farm and be buried in a little grave?

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