Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Martha Cope, an EastEnders star, has been a huge new story in Emmerdale.

Martha Cope, an EastEnders star, has been a huge new story in Emmerdale.

When Sandy came, she created a commotion (ITV picture).

As part of a massive narrative that will be developing, a new face is about to make an appearance in Emmerdale. Fans of soap operas will already be familiar with the actress who will portray the as-yet-unnamed role because she has already been on all three of the “big three” soap operas.

For fans of EastEnders, Martha Cope is most remembered for her role as Sandy Gibson in 2021, who was the mother of Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero).

Sandy, a drug user, arrived in Albert Square and quickly started causing trouble by attempting to extort money from her daughter and then departing on Christmas Day after revealing that Dotty’s father was Rocky (Brian Conley) rather than Nick Cotton (John Altman). This was eventually revealed to be false.

The Sun reports that Martha is now relocating to Emmerdale, citing an unnamed insider as claiming that Martha “will come later this year and spark off a massive storyline.” Although she’s only appearing as a guest, her reputation in soap operas is unsurpassed, so she’s sure to win over admirers.

In a previous appearance in Emmerdale, Martha played a police investigator who looked into a fire at Home Farm between 2013 and 2014.

Viewers of Coronation Street may recognize the busy actress as Joanne, a lady Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) met on a singles’ night and afterwards found impossible to get rid of from his life. Joanne showed up in Weatherfield the following year.

Mother of Dotty was Sandy. (Images from BBC)

Since Martha’s actress parents really met when they were both working on the program, Corrie must have seemed like a second home to her. Initially portraying Jed Stone in 1961, her father, Kenneth Cope, reprised the role 45 years later.

Renny Lister, who portrayed Jean Stark in 1961, introduced him to Martha, and the two have been married ever since.
Later this year, Martha, who will portray the relative of an existent villager in Emmerdale, will come, which means she may do so just after the massive stunt that’s planned for Super Soap Week, in which we know that a significant character might perish when a car falls from a clifftop.

Following this, other stories will pick up steam in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and a performer with Martha’s background and credentials could undoubtedly be a part of the high drama that often breaks out during that season.

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