Rosie Bentham of Emmerdale discusses the peculiar reason why guys approach her at pubs.

Rosie has disclosed details about her life outside of Emmerdale. Photograph by REX/Shutterstock

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), who is now in Emmerdale, is enraged and out for vengeance.

She was dumped by her fiancĂ© Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) the morning of her wedding because he couldn’t go through with the ceremony since he is gay and it was all a ruse to aid his dad Caleb’s (William Ash) retaliation against Kim Tate (Claire King). And Gabby fervently desires for Nicky to pay for what he done.

Recently, viewers witnessed Gabby attempting to solicit Billy Fletcher’s assistance in harming Nicky physically. She isn’t beyond using blackmail to get Billy to do her bidding.

After Nicky arrived at Home Farm to work as a nanny (or at least pretend to work as a nanny), Gabby fell in love with him right away. Soon, the two of them were having passionate encounters behind the couch and behind Kim’s back.

Before that, Gabby had a connection with Kit (Thoren Ferguson), the physiotherapist who worked with Marlon (Mark Charnock). She wasted little time getting into bed with the hottie, who also happened to be seeing her stepmother Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).

Rosie Bentham, anxious to emphasize the distinctions between herself and the character she portrays, recently told The Sun that “She’s out there and up for anything, whereas I am not at all like that.”

Gabby has had difficulty letting go (ITV image)

When they first meet me, people assume that I am the type of lady who is “willing to offer everything to everyone,” she said. However, I tell them, “No, you have to work a lot more than that with me; you can’t just stroll in the door.”

She acknowledged that it was “a lot of fun to play” when Gabby said, “Come on then, let’s go upstairs,” but said she was “always really well behaved on a night out.”

On a night out, Rosie said that she does frequently get contacted by guys, but for surprising reasons.

Many men of my age don’t watch Emmerdale, but they still approach me and request that I make movies for their mothers, the actress chuckled. “I’m more likely to be recognized when I’m out with the other cast members,” says the actor. People standing nearby will be looking through your Instagram feed to confirm that it is you.

Nicky is the target of Gabby’s vengeance. (Image from ITV)

Despite this, Rosie is now seeing someone, however she acknowledges that she is being very careful and taking things gently.

I would say that I’m getting to know someone right now, but I keep my love life very discreet, she admitted.

We’re simply moving carefully because I’m just 22 and things may go wrong quite rapidly at my age. We’re all getting our bearings.

Keeping your guard up when meeting new individuals is crucial since you can never be sure of their genuine motivations. I’ve never dated somebody famous because I’ve always been quite wary about falling in love. The man I’m coming to know is only an ordinary man.

Inebriated Gabby attempted to kiss Dawn’s husband Billy (ITV).

While Rosie is keeping her love life private, her character Gabby’s life appears to be everything from quiet in the months to come.

Rosie rejoiced, “There are so many fresh narratives coming my way.” I simply want to grasp whatever they can give me because I’m so pleased. They are providing me a lot of wonderful things at my age. Drama simply keeps happening forever.

She is also crossing her hopes that Emmerdale will take home a National Television Award.

It would be wonderful if Emmerdale could continue to hold the title of outstanding serial drama for another year, she remarked.

“Everyone works so hard, and I am really glad to be associated with such a creative group of individuals.” As soap opera performers, we appreciate the viewers’ steadfast support, and it means a lot that they keep reading the tales and casting their votes for us to win prizes.

“Without them, we couldn’t put on a spectacle.”

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