Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale../ spoilers: Karen Blick reveals the ways she looked after self while working on Lydia’s rape story

Emmerdale../ spoilers: Karen Blick reveals the ways she looked after self while working on Lydia’s rape story

Karen discussed how she cared for herself while filming the challenging narrative. (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale is about to experience a heartbreaking plot as Lydia’s (Karen Blick) ex-boyfriend commits the ultimate treachery and rapes her in graphic scenes.

Karen Blick, who played Lydia in the rape plot, has discussed how she took care to put herself first while portraying Lydia’s suffering as realistically as possible. It is crucial for any actor performing such a painful tale to ensure their safety is maintained.

When Craig (Ben Addis), the father of her deceased son, appeared in the community, Lydia was astounded. However, they got along well right away, and viewers soon saw that Craig was growing fond of the child’s mother.

Since hindsight is 20/20, it now appears that there were several warning signs, including the manner he showed up at her house after stealing her address from her resume and the way he responded whenever her spouse was mentioned. He coerced her into spending time with him in that manner. Everything builds up to the turning point in her life.

“I started really taking care of myself.” The first thing was that. For this article, I made sure I was in a good, strong physical and psychological position, Karen admitted to In an effort to cope with the intense emotions that would follow a day of filming, she started practicing yoga, hypnotherapy, and worked on crystal healing with a close friend.

After thinking about what had happened, I saw that I was unconsciously holding myself in a particular position on set. It helped a lot just to be able to physically get rid of that. She mentioned meditation.

In the most recent turn of the story, Craig persuades Lydia to accompany him to the site of Toby’s ashes’ scattering. After a heated exchange between them, Lydia decides to return the next day to work and give her notice. Craig, however, tricks her into withdrawing it, after which he confesses his affections for her.

When she rejects him and tells him there is no prospect of anything happening between her and her husband since she loves him, Craig decides to take what he wants nevertheless and rapes her.

In terrifying scenes, Craig is about to rape Lydia (Image: ITV).

Karen mentioned that she checked in with herself every day to make sure she wasn’t getting lost in these difficult sequences.

“I just wanted to check in with myself after filming some difficult sequences. How are you feeling?” What’s up, how are you, Lydia? She spoke out. “If you think this is happening to a really close friend – it’s not you, it’s a really wonderful buddy,” a therapist once told me, “it’s not you.”

When Karen was feeling particularly overwhelmed, she said that employing this strategy helped her establish emotional boundaries with her character.

She remarked, “I could feel myself being emotionally drained.” I simply said, “Poor Lydia,” thinking that I ought to handle this in some manner. Lydia is really impoverished. It provided me with a kind of grounding and barrier between the two of us.

It’s clear how tough it was to film these sequences, let alone how difficult it will be to see them, because Karen had to put so much effort into shielding herself.

Will Lydia tell Sam what happens next and what happens to her? Will Craig ensure she never tells anyone, or what?

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