Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Ryan Early of Coronation Street claims that in “thriller”-style episodes, a furious Darren intends to murder Aadi.

Ryan Early of Coronation Street claims that in “thriller”-style episodes, a furious Darren intends to murder Aadi.

Aadi and Courtney get found out. (Image from ITV)

In future Coronation Street episodes, Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) and Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) are in danger after Courtney’s husband Darren (Ryan Early) learns of their romance.

Recently, Darren has spent a lot of time with Dev (Jimmi Harkishin), which has provided Courtney and Aadi with several opportunity to share a bed.

Aadi will soon describe his new girlfriend as gorgeous, smart, and hilarious at a lunch, with Darren and Dev utterly oblivious that the 18-year-old is referring about Courtney. What initially began off as a little bit of fun has now grown into something more.

Darren is already on edge since he confided in Dev about his marital issues and the possibility that Courtney is having an affair.

Let’s just say that Aadi is the last person that Darren would suspect of having an affair with his wife, so when the truth comes out during the luncheon at the Bistro, he is horrified:

“When everything is revealed in the bistro, everything unfolds like a thriller.” According to Ryan Early, who portrays Darren, “she confesses and gives him the sense that it’s someone close to him, and then the entire thing starts to unravel.”

He begins to experience paranoia and believes that everyone in his immediate vicinity is a suspect. Dev is of course the first person he suspects. It feels like a complete betrayal given that he brought him into the transaction, is attempting to earn him a lot of money, and they have developed a close friendship. He feels as though he might easily murder him. But it’s embarrassing for him to learn that it’s Aadi, this youngster.

Darren is in his forties and all of a sudden she is dating an 18-year-old. What does he have to offer that Darren doesn’t? Even though it’s really embarrassing, he suddenly realizes that it’s all a game since he doesn’t have any money, he has nothing to give her, and he knows Courtney well enough to know what she wants.

Courtney and Aadi are caught kissing by Dev (ITV image).

He said, “This is part of the game. She loves a nice house, she enjoys international vacations, and they just got back from a trip across the Caribbean. So to go to living with this 18-year-old little shrimp, no way. He knows that this is Courtney, which is why he refrains from trying to murder him. Since it’s the most poisonous thing she can do in a relationship that already has a lot of toxicity, it’s extremely embarrassing and there may be no way to recover from it.

But she’s now taken it to a level from which I’m not sure they can recover; as an 18-year-old, she has unquestionably over the line. The humiliation of having an affair with this young child, who he’s been paying, is truly a stab in the heart. Infidelity is one thing, and although they both stem from it, it’s not necessarily the be all and end all. It’s a complete embarrassment, humiliating, and heartbreaking.

There are now feelings between Courtney and Aadi (ITV image).

While Ryan acknowledges that his character is completely shocked to learn that Courtney has been having an affair with Aadi, he also makes it apparent that if Darren wanted retribution, he would probably choose a different path than retaliating violently:

“I believe there is always a possibility that Aadi may be in danger.” Although I don’t believe Darren uses violence, there are other methods to exact retribution. He continued, “He can make things very, very hard for him. He can make sure that Aadi never makes a dime in business in the north of England.”

“And Darren may be a big problem if Aadi is someone who is ambitious and wants to make his place in the world.” He crossed someone who was at the height of his profession very early in his career, which was a terrible error. In a commercial perspective, he could make life really difficult for Aadi, but at the same time, Darren sort of gets it since, at the age of 18, he was probably acting in a similar manner.

Darren is not a psychopath, but he is currently a very wounded person. When he got a second chance, he felt like he had lost the love of his life, and he’s not sure he can recover from it. As a result, the situation is currently excruciatingly uncomfortable, and pain has a tendency of making people act irrationally.

Ryan pondered the implications for Darren and Courtney’s union and stated:

He won’t rush to her and beg for her pardon or for her to return; instead, he will strive to embarrass her to a similar degree. He will make her pay financially, as well as make clear to her what she is giving up and remind her that life would be much less comfortable without him, without the attention, and without the credit card.

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