Sinister Craig says that meeting Lydia again before the terrible sex attack was “fate,” according to Emmerdale spoilers.

In a brand-new Emmerdale spoiler clip, the evil Craig Reed (Ben Addis) confesses to Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) his genuine affections for her before attacking her horribly.

In forthcoming scenes, Lydia will have a horrific trauma at the hands of her old buddy Craig, who plans to rape her.

Following a contentious exchange between them the day before, Craig and Lydia are seen talking in the latest spoiler clip.

Lydia and Craig hugged in his car after she accompanied him to visit their son’s grave, then Lydia hurried off feeling bad about their restored bond.

In subsequent scenes, Lydia will decide to quit from her position with Craig in an effort to remove themselves from one another, but she finds it hard after learning how much their relationship has meant to him.

Picture from ITV: Craig implores Lydia to revoke her resignation.

Craig talks about his earlier attempts to seduce Lydia, including his desire to smuggle her away to the Caribbean, as Lydia listens.

He continues by describing how astonished he was to meet her at the job fair and learn that he had a kid, and he says he thinks providence brought them together.

He exhorts Lydia not to resign after describing how he believes the gods have placed them back in each other’s orbits for a reason.

In subsequent moments, Craig will rape Lydia (Image: ITV).

He makes the case that Lydia needs this work to support Amelia (Daisy Campbell) and baby Esther in an attempt to persuade her.

He urges Lydia to forget about his suggestion that they meet up more frequently before pleading with her to withdraw her resignation when she clarifies that she no longer feels comfortable working for him after everything.

Following their conversation, Craig would rape Lydia, which the actress Karen Blick said would have a lasting impact on Lydia.

As the shock wears off, Lydia realizes that at her heart, she is a protector, and she wants to shield her family from it. She simply wants her family to be safe, and that’s all she can think about in the immediate aftermath.

She will suppress her own emotions in order to protect Sam, Samson, and those close to her. Naturally, what we observe shows that she cannot endure living in such a manner for very long.

As the plot develops, “she eventually has to face what happened to her and find a way to live with it.”

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